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The most lucrative occupation in Sweden has got to be in the field of dentistry. I have never seen a such strong propensity for chocolate, sugar, baked goods, candy, and anything that has more than a dash of sugar. The candy aisles in the supermarket mimic the liquor aisles in a Virginia ABC - to put it bluntly, there’s quite a freakin’ bit of candy consumption in this city. Swedes love their candy. Maybe its the combination of blond hair and extremely tart, salt-encrusted licorice hard candy or stale-marshmallow-consistency, flavorless, Santa-figured candies that give them some unknown super power. The super power can only be unlocked by selecting only the sweetest and succulent sugar-pack morsel of Swedish creation to succumb to the sugar fix plaguing this interesting country.

To return to the alcohol metaphor, at least four or five times a week, I see a Swede tightly grasping a brown bag of assorted candies (unlike the 40 on the bus to SE), nervously twitching making sure no one steals their candy and with one last attempt tips the bag upside down, having the remaining sugar crumbs fall into their mouth like a small child searching for the last crumb in a bag of chips.

Now that you have a sufficient picture in your head, we are now heading into Easter. Easter is interesting because most Swedes I talk to are not that religious (I won’t stereotype all of Sweden as being non-religious - which would be false) but for such a big holiday (2 extra vacation days) its surprising that such a sharp contrast in recognition exists between Sweden and US.

Perhaps thats why they have 2 federal holidays…because in the US, Easter is dubbed a Christian holiday, and we have separation of church and state (but then explain Christmas….

Anyways, I’ll get back to the important things like candy. Anyways, the shops are filling up faster than Middle East barrels of oil and I can just see the oh-so-slight twinkle in the eye of a passerby Swede of a bakery or shop. Below is a local bakery, slowly amassing their armada of supplies.

Not to be outdone…here is a local convience store, I think we forgot to tell them you’re supposed to “hide” the eggs…

To any Swede who’s reading this and has nodded his or her head at this post…the names of some of the unique candies escape me, so comments and updates about the specific candies would be appreciated.

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photo by: Chokk