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Last night was the first night I went out on the city.  I did some research and was interested in going to the Stureplan area (with the trendy nightlife and posh locations) or Lemon Bar (a bar near my place).  I decided to check out Lemon first and then from there go to Stureplan. As I walked to Lemon, I decided to skip it and go straight into the city.  It was around 11 or so once I got into T-Centralen Metro station (of course, this is the same area where I got lost last week so I wanted to be sure that I was going to make it to the right place and not waste hours of drinking time wandering around aimlessly).   I wanted to get to a club before 12 or so, because I wanted to have a better chance at getting in and not waiting in a long line. 

I passed one bar that looked pretty chill inside and made a mental note of its location. I trudged on to Stureplan and went to find Spy bar.  Unfortunately it was closed and the sister bar, Leroy, was packed from spillover.  The line was incredibly long but wow, downtown Stockholm has NYC beat on fashion, price, and incredibly good looking people.  Everyone was gorgeous, tall and blonde.  

 I decided to pass on this place because I felt like it was going to be awhile to get in so I went back to the first place I passed.  Inside I found 29SEK beers and a blackjack table.  Gambling in a bar?  What an amazing (and disasterous concept).  I played some blackjack and had a few beers. Unfortunately the crowd felt about 2 years too young (maybe between 18-22) so I decided to leave. 

I was going to walk home but another place caught my eye.  No line, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I asked the bouncer what the deal was here.  He said that its 120SEK to get in and that it gets really crowded around 3am because that’s when most of the Stureplan bars close.  I asked him how many people were in currently and he said about 60-70.  I said ”screw it” and so I gave it a shot.

My first thoughts of the White Room were holy yuppie/posh/trendy.  It was just like Stureplan but fairly only less crowded.  I thought if I can occupy my time for an hour so or so, I’d love to see it get crazy.  I got a standard priced drink at the bar (105SEK) and made a lap.  <text removed>   Once it hit 3am the place was absolutely insane, the stories aren’t for this blog, but it was definetly a good bar to visit. I stayed a little while longer and left to catch the last metro.  I made the last green line metro by 1 minute and got home at about 4. 

Tonight I watched fireworks from my balcony.  Better fireworks that most of the Fourth of July in the United States.  It was cool and serene. Seeing the sky light up, fireworks over the Eurpean roof tops from the top floor of my apt.  It was beautiful.  20 minutes later, the last firework shot up into the sky, above all of the other fireworks that had gone off and exploded into a faded gold circle.  The gold streams trickled down the sky, weaving in and out of the fog.  The gold fire slowly faded away, exiting with four or five loud booms…

I took this as a good sign for things to come and went to bed. 

I’ve definitely warmed up to Stockholm.  I still have a lot of cleaning up to do in my apartment and settling in.  But the city is starting to grow on me.  I am excited to explore the city and find out what it has to offer.  I also want to travel around to the other places in Europe.  I would love to take a quick train to Copenhagen or a short flight to some other cool country.

ccbrandon78 says:
Thanks for the detailed outline on the nightlife. I'm headed to Stockholm this weekend and I was pretty much in the dark about any specifics regarding the area. This was helpful.
Posted on: Apr 23, 2008
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