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I found it very easy to get to and from Copenhagen. There is an express train that goes from the Central Station of Stockholm to Arlanda Airport. My only gripe was regarding the Danish bus system. There is no omnipresent voice saying what stop you are approaching or any visual text anywhere on the bus to determine which stop you’re approaching. The signs outside of each bus stop are very small so trying to look outside and find the stop name was equally difficult. This isn’t an issue when you *know* the area of Copenhagen, but for me, trying to get to my hostel located in the ghetto at 11:15pm, I was anxious not to miss my stop.

The hostel (Sleep in Heaven) was interesting, like everything, there were pros and cons. I stayed in a 9 person room which wasn’t too bad ‘cept for the 5am party goers coming in and the 4 17 year old American girls that decided to pack up their belongings at 6am in my room. It did feel good to yell at them though. But I did meet some very interesting people and to hear the stories of everyone’s travels. I got more advice on travel locations, so I will be adding them to my list.

  • Cinque Terre - Five towns on the Italian Rivera which are separated by a few kilometers. Each town is unique and exists on the beautiful coast line of Italy.
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Sitting out side in Nyhaven. People watching with some glogg

I think I managed to pack in as much as I could possibly do in Copenhagen on such a short trip.  I arrived Thursday night and simply relaxed in the hostel - looking through the CPH maps and attractions for the weekend. 

 On Friday, I started out walking into the main part of CPH city and wandered down the famous open air shopping center - A cornacopia of shops line the cobblestone street that traverses its way from Tivoli Park to New Haven.  Most shops were horrendously expensive but I did stop in a few for Christmas browsing. 

 I ended up going to New Haven and looking at the Christmas markets, most of the things felt tacky (like things you would find at a cheap toy store in the US)  and I found myself expecting different things here at the market (something was missing…).

  Not to be discouraged, I sat down at a local cafe along New Haven and ordered Glögg (”high octane, hot mulled wine made with a potpourri of spices”) and Æbleskiver (”Danish dessert, like doughnut holes, but sweeter and much better traditionally served with glogg during the Advent”).  I sat for abotu an hour and people watched.  It was great and the warm wine in the afternoon hit the spot. 

I then went to the Tivoli Amusement Park and walked through the Christmas Markets there.  It was nice, but not great, and I think it would’ve been better at night, with all the xmas lights, so I left after about an hour or two.  Not too exciting and the Danish xmas markets are 0-2.

Sitting out side in Nyhaven.  Peop…
Sitting out side in Nyhaven. Peo…
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I'm going to say this is cheap for the area. Most places in Scandinavia are very expensive but I found an all you can eat buffet for around 60 or so … read entire review
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