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mechanic still working

04 Dec 2007 Flight MJ201 Colombo-Bangkok


This is not my first flight with Mihin Lanka Airline. Mihin Lanka is a new Sri Lanka airline (nearly low cost?) It is a company own by the Government of Sri Lanka. Currently, I fly relatively short distance with home base in Colombo International Airport.


During the previous flight, they served some soft drink and sandwich, better than other low cost airline and currently it is the lowest cost for traveling between Colombo-Bangkok which I was traveling.

'I am bored'
The plane currently in use is second hand Airbus 320. Much like many low cost airline, it has limited number of planes, as the result, I got a delay flight!


My schedule flight suppose to leave Colombo at 5:30 am and arrive Bangkok Airport around 10:30 am local time (3.5 hours flight). However, when I rush through the entrance (because I thought I was late) to the check-in counter they kindly told me that “We are really sorry but your flight is delay”. I thought to myself ‘It is alright a couple of hours would not be much of a problem’ However, the reality is much more dramatic than fiction. “Your flight will now leave at 11:55 am” (6 and a half hour!!)


Mihin Lanka was kind enough to put the entire passenger in a hotel nearby so that all guests could have a little sleep before flight.

"Hay, Mister! When will you finished!"
We were told when checking into the hotel that there would be a car coming to pick us up around 9 am. I was out and about at 8:50 am. However, I do not see any car or van, the hotel receptionist told me that the airline staff call to the hotel and ask the hotel to send the guest to the airport around 11:00 am. I was suspicious when there is no van coming at 9 am, and coming to pick us up at 11:00 only mean further delay.


Finally, the van show up at 11:05 and we were on the way to the airport by 11:15 the trip only take another 5 minutes. By the time we arrived at the airport it was 11:20. I was thinking to myself ‘I might miss this flight!’ especially when I see the board which written 11:55 am. I ran through the check in counter but when I saw several passengers still there I was relieved. Anyhow, I try to go through the immigration as fast as I can and when I arrived at the gate number 6, I do not need them to tell me that the flight was in further delay because I could see several mechanics running around under the plane with many hatch open.

'Dont take my picture!'


I then spend the next two hour looking at the mechanic try to finish repairing the plane. I especially like to look at the chief mechanic facial expression and hand signal trying to communicate with his staff through loud engine noise. (I was sure he use to work in wall street, as his hand signal was so good, his staff understand everything he was trying to convey).


On another front, there was a passenger, upset try to talk something with the staff attending the gate counter. He explains that he has another connecting flight in Bangkok and if he could not reach Bangkok in time for the next flight he might have to wait for transit in Bangkok for another long time. He is trying to get on to another flight, which also leaving for Bangkok also. So, he asked the counter to get his back. As my anticipation, the counter staff told the passenger something sweet like ‘I was told that the plane will be boarded in 5 minutes’. To much surprise to everyone who watching the chief mechanic also use his hand signal by spreading his palm indicate “5” I was talking to another passenger when he do this and we were joking “5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 o’clock?”


After two more frustrated hours of waiting at the gate, we board the plane at 2:15 pm and the plane took off around 3:00 pm. I close my eyes immediately trying to sleep. I was lucky as my business appointment is on the next day.


To be fair, I have flied with Mihin Lanka three times before the delay flight, the service is as adequate for the low cost. However, I was told by the fellow passenger that Mihin Lanka had delay several times in the past, and this is his third delays. (I was really wandering his third delay out of how many trip). I just hope they do not have much of delay flight in the future.
vivien_huang says:
haha.. funny! =p
Posted on: Jul 15, 2010
Devika1985 says:
No I know she didnt really say that ofcourse I know but u made the kid funny then :)
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
stabber911 says:
No, she did not really say tht I just put words into her mouth because I was really bored, (you will too if your flight is really 9 hours delay..)
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
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mechanic still working
mechanic still working
I am bored
'I am bored'
Hay, Mister! When will you finish…
"Hay, Mister! When will you finis…
Dont take my picture!
'Dont take my picture!'
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