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We had just arrived back in Thailand from Laos. We decided on going to Chang Mai to do some white-water rafting and then heading down to the islands. We told the driver to take us to the middle of the city but, of course, they just brought us to their guest house. The manager was a young Thai man, around 25 years-old or so, named Tom. Tom showed us around and told us that he could set us up rafting and he knew a bunch of backpackers, could get us some pot, wanted to take us to a cool reggae bar, etc. The place was decent and cheap and the guy seemed real nice and trustworthy so we decided to stay. After putting our stuff up we went down stairs and hung out with Tom some more. He had a cool bulldog, named Sumo, who would only come to you if you had food or meowed like a cat. I am a movie buff and was impressed with his DVD collection. He seemed like a real stand-up guy. That night we went out with Tom to the Reggae bar. We had a blast. We met a bunch of fun backpackers and locals, drank, danced, and Tom came through on the pot so I went out back with some people and smoked a joint. After the bar shut down we all went back to the guesthouse. My friend and I hung out in Tom's room and smoked another joint and then my friend said he was tired and went up to our room. I was going to follow but Tom said he really wanted to hang out some more and for me to bring my Ipod down because his stereo was broken. I agreed and we hooked the Ipod up to some speakers and smoked another joint. We talked for a while about all kinds of shit, mostly music and ex-girlfriends, and smoked more. After a little while of this I was high out of my mind. I don't remember much before I passed out but I do remember Tom saying something along the lines of "You are like a brother to me. Just pass out in the bed next to mine and I'll wake you in the morning to go rafting. Nothing will happen, I promise." Now, this should have set the alarm bells in my head ringing but the alarm must have been too clouded with smoke to go off. So I passed out. Later in the night I started dreaming that I was making out with some girl. Then I became slightly awake and realised that I was making out with someone. Still not having my eyes open and being half-asleep, I could feel something poking against my leg. I immediately thought "Lady-boy! How the fuck did I end up with a lady-boy? I don't remember going home with anybody." Then I opened my eyes. Wait a second! This is no lady or lady-boy. Its Tom, and his tongue is in my mouth. "Ewww! Uhgg! What the fuck!" I screamed and shoved him off of me. I ran to the door but it was locked and I couldn't find the lock. I just kept saying "What the fuck" over and over. Finally I found the lock and ran up stairs to my room. I brushed my teeth six times and scraped my tongue raw but I still felt gross all over. I felt so violated. Then I laid down and told myself that that didn't just happen and it must be a nightmare. But it did happen. I didn't get much sleep that night. The next day I left early before Tom was awake to greet us. We went rafting and I tried to have fun but I was quiet the entire time and could not stop thinking about the night before. Eventually, one of my friends asked me what was wrong and I told him what happened. He made fun of me for a little while and then he helped me by saying it wasn't that bad and could have been much worse. He was right. I was really stupid for getting so fucked up and putting so much trust in someone I hardly knew. The moral of this story is have fun, drink and smoke pot if you want, but use common sense, be safe and do it in moderation. I can laugh about it now but at the time I was kind of tormented.

Talking later to some Swedes, I realized that my situation could have been much worse. They said their Norwegian friend passed out on Hat Rin beach after a full moon party, as so many people do, and woke to some Thai guy sucking him off.

While sexual ambiguity is common in Thailand, with all the lady-boys and all, this is not so much a common thing and will only maybe happen if you are too drunk/drugged up to realize it. Female travelers need to be just as careful, if not more so, about this kind of stuff happening.

My personal anguish was short-lived. Immediately after rafting we headed down to the islands. I met a really cute Dutch girl, named Marloes, and we hit it off great. I told my friends I was in love but they said i was just on rebound. haha. Marloes and I spent some time together in Thailand and visited each other later on in our home countries but I'll talk about that in another blog.

On a side note: I talk about smoking pot in my travel blogs. In my opinion smoking a joint isn't nearly as dangerous or self-destructive as a few buckets of Sang-som Thai whiskey mixed with redbull, BUT BE VERY CAREFUL WITH DRUGS IN THAILAND! You can get in some serious trouble. If this story doesn't show you that, then read "Damage Done." A true account of an Aussie sent to Thai prison for 12 years over drugs. While I was there, I met a Czech dude who had to cough over $5000 and wait for 2 months for a trial because he was busted with a bag of weed. He said that a guy who was sent to jail at the same time as him for some coke and a few pills of X, was going to get 10 years, and if he had one more pill then it probably would have meant death sentence. They don't fuck around there with drugs.

I don't want to dicourage anybody from going to Thailand. I had such an incredible time and became friends with so many fun-loving Thais and travelers. Just be careful if you are going to do drugs there.
aesuzyq62433 says:
I'm glad you can laugh about it now... what a horrible experience!! At the beginning I was like, man he's having a great time!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
matthew says:
Thailand is a weird place! Quality fun, but you see a lot of weird stuff going on.
Posted on: Jan 13, 2008
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