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We decided to return to Cape Town via a different route, and so the next morning set off towards Wellington. Well, Sundays are clearly roadworks day in the Swartland, and even into the Boland, and we spent more time waiting than driving. When we did eventually get into Wellington, we were so desperate for coffee we rushed to the nearest place which just happened to be a WhipMe (Wimpy). Next to the church, whose service had clearly just ended. So there we sat, surrounded by sombre crimplene-clad tannies (aunties) and their bored looking ooms (uncles) while we inhaled whatever it is WhipMe serves in lieu of coffee, and plotted our next move.

Of course, part of the plan had been to route back into Cape Town via a wine farm or two, but I'd forgotten that not everyone had moved on from the days of Christian Nationalism, and that most of the wine farms still prioritised religious austerity over tourism, and so we found most as firmly shut as the bottle stores. On Sunday, after all, you should be praying and not drinking, unless it's nagmaalwyn (communion wine) and even then, just a small sip.

Through Stellenbosch we continued, washing up in the town centre where we parked  and had more coffee (from Vida this time, fortunately) before strolling around the village. We started out on the Campus, where I'd studied as an undergraduate, marvelling at how many buildings still proudly bear the names of debunked apartheid luminaries - whether because of political sensibilities or financial bequest I wasn't sure. Thence we headed for the Botanical Gardens for a pleasant stroll, before walking along Die Laan (the Avenue, along the banks of the Eerste River) and back down into the centre of town. Tipping the car guard, we climbed back into dusty blue and headed back home to prepare for the rigours of a working week.
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Cape Town
photo by: v10