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Live from Jordan: Letters Home from My Journey Through the Middle East Live from Jordan: Letters Home from My Journey Through the Middle East has been out since the start of May. I’ve been receiving a lot of interest and feedback at the “grassroots level” by way of emails, bookstore talks, book clubs, and talk radio/local NPR call-in questions. In a way, it is like the response to the original letters that I sent home from Jordan and Egypt. Everyday people from all over the world genuinely seem interested in the daily life stories of their counterparts in the Middle East.

One of the surprises of this grassroots response is the number of people who have contacted me with questions about traveling or living in Jordan or other parts of the Middle East. Most are in college or just out of college. That’s great news, for everyone involved. There have been a lot of emails, though, and I haven’t been able to keep up as well as I would have liked.

So, true to my book, I thought this forum would be a place where I could:
- Answer questions and continue discussions that have arisen from my book
- Continue to write about the intersection of our interests with everyday people and colorful places (particularly in Israel -- where I'm currently working -- for right now, but in other venues too)
- Respond to travel and living abroad questions and share others' stories too
- Daydream about the Steelers season, huevos rancheros, Big Hair, and other issues of paramount importance to me

I'm going to post some previious blog entries about living in Jerusalem, on the seam of Israel and Palestine, in Arabic and Hebrew, amid history, conflict, and hope. To see pictures, listen to past radio interviews, and to read other previous blog posts and essays about other places in the Middle East, visit my website and blog, Live from .... The links are below. Thanks for stopping by-

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