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Finally on the road...

I'm now in Melaka where I arrived yesterday I checked into Tony guesthouse, which is a very friendly, though basic place to stay. I spent yesterday wandering the town with my camera - capturing the sprawling cyclos and the busy evening life on Jalan Hang Jebat. I also went to the Dutch square, which is rather nice, but nothing extraordinary. On Jalan Hang Jebat I ended up as a guest star in a Kung Fu street show. I tried to hide in the back of the crowd with my camera, but the kung fu guy imediately picked me out because of my heigth - the whole point of the show was to sell some pain relieving oils, but within 10 minutes of watching and taking pictures I found myself throwing coconuts at this guy and checking if the coconuts were for real, I got a bottle of the pain relif oil for my help and eventhough I was in the middle of the show I managed to get a few good pictures out of it - he put me on front row - the guy was poking his index finger through the nuts and cracking them open with his elbow. 

Today I went to see the museums of Melaka. The most interresting one was by far the museum of 'enduring beauty' - where they have all sorts of body and beauty enhancements on display - from Chinese bound feet, tatoos and scarification to corsets, lip-implants and different tribal customs - quite interesting I learned quite a bit here about self mutilation, I also went to the naval museum, which wasn't very special  (and I'm even a real sailing buff) and I went to the Sultans palace which I found quite interresting, it gave a fine runddown of culture here in Melaka over the last 500 years or so. Then I spend some time drifting around in the streets which was quite nice and i bought a few of the famous Melakan Pineapple tarts - before ending up in this Internet cafe from which I am writing these words.

Tomorrow I'll head of to KL, where I'm planning on staying 1 night before heading into the Camron Highlands..

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photo by: louise2553