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Hello everybody

I've made it to the big KL. It is a strange place I think, this city's tourism is mainly based on the presence of two towers connected by a flybridge around the 42. floor -This off course is the Petrona Towers. Yes they are impressive, yes they are big and yes they DO look great in pictures, however I didn't exactly find them to be worth traveling all the way to KL for. I did the tour - getting up at 6 a.m. to stand in line for the free but limited tickets an hour before they opened the giveaway. This was needless, but I did manage to get on the first tour of the day at 9.00 a.m. The view was fun and that's it. I'm glad I did it and now I can bragg about it, but honestly I've seen more impressive buildings and views in my time.. As for the rest of my day I went out to have a look at the KL tower - more view, more "4th tallest tower in the world" - and more tourists... lot's of them! The KL tower wasn't really worth it, it was almost creepy how much tackyness tastelessness that can be put into one place. I ran off after about 20 minutes, again the view was nice and you get to see the infamous Petronas towers from a distance, but really I didn't find it all that amusing... Next up was Chinatown, of which expected a little more - I only had my map with me -no guidebook lifeline- which meant I didn't really know what I was in for. Chinatown turned out to be very little chinese indeed - most of it was populated with people (not from china)  trying to sell bags, sunglasses, watches and pens. I found one small food market tucked away in there... Strolling around in the smaller streets surrounding Jalang Cheng Lock I found a little number of shops with Chinese in them, but the sprawling life on the streets and the countless restaurants were missing completely. Maybe I came on a bad day, maybe I went in the wrong places, maybe I just didn't search hard enough, but fact is I never felt I was in Chinatown - as Chinatowns go they do come more lively than this one in my experience.

Bottomline: Was I glad Iwent? well yeah, but I couldn't spend more days here sightseeing I tried wandering off a few times, but all it got me was just endless streets of banks, offices and closed shops. I'm shure there is a Kuala Lumpur somewhere that is not all: "happy hour on Carlsberg all night, "Hello sir I have young lady for you" and "Petronas Towers", but they shure hide it well. If you ever go to KL please help me search for these places, so we can explore more...

Next up is Camron Highlands, where I'll be reporting from the teafields and the mountainious region of Malaysia -I really need to see some green now after alle the concrete around KL...

tvillingmarit says:
I`m so sorry you did not find the KL i found. Have been visiting KL several times,and loves the town. Try Bangsar if you visit KL again.
Posted on: Dec 05, 2007
reikunboy says:
i felt the same way about KL. There is just nothing really interesting aboout the place.I'm like you i'm not really in to towers but i do love the other areas of malaysia.
Posted on: Dec 05, 2007
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