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What gives?!

I was supposed to be in Taman Negara national park right now, enjoying the oldest rainforrest in the world... Instead I ended up on a gruelling 7 hours busride from the highlands, here to Georgetown, Penang. I didn't get on the wrong bus though this allmost did happen. I'd already sat down in my seat and got my book out, when I was told to get into the next bus, because I was on the wrong one - this one going south, I was going north. The problem was that there was a guy on the busstation acting all like he was part of the opration and who pointed people to the wrong busses (I was not the only one a few Malays also had to rush out to get their bags out of the trunk). Well after about a 2 hour delay, we started driving towards Ipoh at about walking speed, because traffic was terrible it is a school holiday here in Malaysia in these days and thus everybody in the country seemed to have gone to the Highlands for the weekend - and because of the rain everybody wanted to get out of there again on this very sunday - I'm still puzzled about where all these cars came from? We didn't see a single soul on the trails the day before, but then again - I was told that Malays don't like walkning much.

So about the change of plans... Well it is really quite simple, Malaysia is getting huge amounts of rain at the moment and Taman Negara is flooded... Landrovers are stuck in the roads in the middle of nowhere, people are stranded at their hotels at park headquaters and thus my planned trip there was cancelled - with full refund. Therefore I went back to the original plan og going north and then go east from here to Kota Bahru. I'll be there in a couple of days and then I'll have to reevaluate the situation in Taman Negara - If it is hopeless I'll come up with an alternative but we'll see at the moment nobody gets in or out and I think miracles have to happen if I should go there - I can't afford to be stuck there since I absolutely hav to be in Singapore on the of December to pick up Luise a the airport on the 17th. 

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photo by: Caliber-A