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I am so tired...

I have been wandering the jungletrails around Tana Rata all day long (about 8 hours) and i feel great about it. Eventhough it was raining for a few hours and I was dripping wet from rain and my own sweat it was a fantastic walk! I have strolled around in many a forrest around the world but this has definitly been one of the most memorable, nothing happened really. I was just walking around like a kid seeing the world for the first time. This was really my childhood dreams comming thru and I came to think of all the times I have played 'Jungle explorer' with my brother in the woord back home. This was the real deal! I was in the jungle... Wow! anyone going to the Camron highlands should treat themselves to this experience it was stunning.

Yesterday was great too, I went on a 'Full day explorer tour", which I booked thru my friendly guesthouse "Fathers guesthouse" the guide Kumar, was fantastic and despite half a day of showers and a viewpoint where the only thing we saw was clouds he was able to keep everybodys spirit up. We started off in the tea fields, where Kumar shared his huge knowledge about tea and the process of making it, after thet we went to the tea factory and off course tasting the fine highland teas - I'm more of at coffee person myself, but I really enjoyed the views from the tea place and I was amused by the Brits on the tour who couldn't stop rambling on about this and that regarding their tea habits. Everybody were nice folks though and I fealt we had a good group after the teasession, after tea we went to the viewpoint - with no view unfortunately, but hey nobody can control the weather and the clouds were great. Next up was the Mossy forrest, which I thought was really cool especially because Kumar lead us to the carnivorous plants in the pouring rain. The forest itself was amazing and we found ourselves climbing over roots and fighting out way up muddy paths - my shoes got ruined here and they'll probably never be dry and clean again. After the mossy forrest we went for an indian lunch in town. After lunch we all climbed the Landrover again and head out to the village of the 'Orang Asli' the native peoples of this land. It was interesting to see their houses on stilts and their primitive way of life. I got some great pictures of the kids out there and we were invited into the chiefs hut, where we were shown different tools and handicrafts of the Orang Asli I also tried the blowpipe there - used for hunting, but I glad that is not my way of getting dinner, otherwise I would probably go to bed hungry every night... Back at the hostel again I digested our ten hours of exploring with the others from the tour over a few beers. - Cheers!

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Cameron Highlands
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