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Here's your sign.


2:41 PM (MST): (J) We awoke a little early to catch breakfast and then load up the car which remained unscathed. I can safely say, being that we are about half-way through New Mexico that this place is hotter than Hades, there is no shade, and that the dirty and heavy configuration my Honda is in right now doesn't quite take hills as aggressively as we would like. Alas, cars have personalities of their own and Diesel's comes with a wand a ballerina's get-up so that she can lightly prance through the country side. One might call this post-obesity stress disorder. Other road oddities included my own belief that the Welcome to New Mexico sign said, "the land of enhancement" rather than "the land of enchantment.

It took me a little too long to figure out why it was called the Petroglyph National Park.
" What? I think the heat is quite enhanced and the synchronized truck driving we have seen has been superb. *In quiet golf announcers voice* "Look how perfectly executed the switch from the right lane to left was. Bob, you have got to admit, these trucks just make it look easy."

2:45 PM (MST): (J) After driving through the thriving and painted metropolis of Albuquerque--made famous by Buggs Bunny--we decided to stop for a little scenic viewing of the National Petroglyph Park. The drawings, done in volcanic rock, were mostly created around 1300 AD with the exception of a heart drawing which looked strangely like the work of a 20th-21st century teenager, unless for some reason anyone is gullible enough to believe that people drew hearts with initials in them in 1300 AD. I sincerely doubt it, but hey, maybe that is what happened at Roanoke Island when all the colonists disappeared--they must have gone in search of trees to put their initials in.

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Heres your sign.
Here's your sign.
It took me a little too long to fi…
It took me a little too long to f…
They apparently had kitty-cats too.
They apparently had kitty-cats too.
We dated this one ourselves, placi…
We dated this one ourselves, plac…
Apparently the aboriginal shepherd…
Apparently the aboriginal shepher…
photo by: vances