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We drove to the Grand Canyon around 10:00 AM and stayed there until 3:00 PM. We stopped at a bunch of overlooks of which I thought the Hopi Overlook was the best view. It was truly spectacular and there aren't words to describe how tiny I felt standing at the rim and looking out ten miles across a gash in the very landscape. There was a strange mix of humility, awe and strength forming a cacophonous silence between the crowd and the canyon. I was just dumbstruck and had that same feeling I used to get when everyone else knew what the joke was about and I didn't. The uncomfortable lack of knowledge which the Canyon invokes is one which the human won't ever completely grasp and I have to agree with the IMAX movie which we viewed after the park that mankind needs something like the Grand Canyon to gain perspective on the confusing mass of divine wonder which is God's creation.

(J) For our last leg of the park visit we decided to hike Hermit's Trail. The story behind the trail is that a hermit shipped the goods he farmed at the bottom for sale at the market and at he rested at the top hence why the point is called "Hermit's Rest." Our hike, though only 4 miles roundtrip was quite challenging and the sun, even though it was sans humidity, was beating down upon us. On the way down we decided to stop at a crossroads instead of a point so we could make dinner and the movie, and we also met an interesting man from Mississippi who had been staying at the bottom for a few days. He looked really exhausted. Peter noted that he looked "marathon" exhausted, or apathetically exhausted. Suffice to say, I offered him water and food and told him our plan for the short hike and then we moved on.

We made the crossroads within 45 minutes and had lunch and then started up. The first few switchbacks were incredibly tiring. We were breathing hard within seconds it seemed and stopped about every 7-10 minutes to catch our wind and give our calve muscles break. Interestingly enough, we found one of the exhausted man's bag on the way up that said pleadingly, "Please carry to the top if you can." Of course, Pete and I took that as a challenge and an opportunity to be good Samaritans and took it up, but we didn't find him. It was a fun hike in the end, though I don't know if I would do it again. ;)

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Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300