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Well, travelling from Billund Airport to Malling (which is just south
of Aahrus) produced sights that we all won't forget.  We saw a number
of Horses and Cattle, wheat and cabbage fields, old churches (built in
the 1700's, every town seems to have one and of the same design), and
a lot of green, wide, open spaces.  Not to mention the famous
windmills, and from a distance, the highest point in Denmark (a
mountain that really resembled more of a large hill).

The days and the *nights* (sorry, i am still adjusting to our host
family's Danish keyboard as well as Danish Windows) will take some
adjusting too as the days are quite long (the sun sets at 10pm) and
the nights short (I woke up at around 3am and there was already

We also had the good fortune of seeing the biggest rainbow ever!  All
the kids saw it!  I also have pictures!  It was so close that you
could touch it.  As we looked out the second floor window of the
Raymer household, you could see a complete rainbow, only missing the
top of its arch as it disappeared into the clouds.  However, only
Marie and I were able to shoot some photo's as when Joseph collected
his camera and headed out into the backyard to shoot it, it was gone.

As for the Raymer house, it is quite interesting, instead of taking on
the tradition Brick design that Denmark houses are known for, our host
family, who is well travelled (they have visited different parts of
the Philippines including Cebu, Banawe, Sagada, etc) settled for a
Norwegian design, that of wood.

Peter, the head of the household used to be in advertising for a
number of years before selling his stock and joining his wife (Me-te:
It is the closest approximation of her name that I could pronounce) in
a home based designing business.

Malling is a great community.  Small, people seem to know each other.
There are no walls, no gates...children can bike, scooter, or even
walk to school which from the Raymer household is only 10 minutes
cax says:
:) hehehehe....I can imagine Malling as a funny place to be in as an outsider. :)
Posted on: Dec 06, 2008
sylviandavid says:
I hope you will post the picture of the rainbow!
Posted on: Nov 30, 2007
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