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One of mom's hummingbirds. This is actually a somewhat rare photo as hummingbirds rarely perch to feed, or so I have been told.
I think that i can owe my love of animals to my mom.  She was always the one taking in runt animals and raising them to full health.  As she has grown older, the runt animals have been replaced with birds.  The entire of area of the farm (yes, you can make a joke that Old McDonald really did have a farm) has been converted to a bird sanctuary of sorts.  My father made a multitude of bird houses that sit around the outskirts of the property as serves as a home for any bird who can fit in them. 

During the winters, my parents have an adundance of bird food, corn on the cob, and anything else a hungry bird might want.  During the snow-filled months, aside from typical sparrows, the yard is littered with bright red cardinals and blue jays.
For Corina...I totally photoshopped the background, but I could not tell if the bird had painted his nails.
  One of my favorite memories during the winter is of my old cat, Sir Oedipus Rexx III (aka Ed) (RIP).  Ed was a solid white, long-haired cat.  When snow was falling, he used to sit under the bird feeder and wait for a fresh meal.  My mom could only see him by his green eyes.  He always yelled at him and he would run off temporarily only to return.  Ed soon learned that if he kept his eyes open, my mom would yell at him, so he sat under the feeder squinting.  It was just a cat being a cat.

During the summers, the farm was filled with humming birds.  While there are several feeders throughout the farm, there is one placed on the kitchen window.  During the first year of having the feeder there, the humming birds flew off as soon as they saw a human being, but over several years the same humming birds returned (my mom can identify each one, don't ask me how).  Eventually they got used to my family and are often hovering around the kitchen window watching the humans.  They like watching my mom the most but she is the one who feeds them, so I am assuming they are watching her out of admiration.

I used to joke about my "corny" parents and their bird santuary, but there is something special about being a few feet from some wild and incredibly beatiful song birds with only a window in between.
findmeabeach says:
These shots are fantastic! Seems like a nice place to call home :-)
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
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One of moms hummingbirds.  This i…
One of mom's hummingbirds. This …
For Corina...I totally photoshoppe…
For Corina...I totally photoshopp…
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