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hanie in the middle

Oh I missed my high school friends sooooo much! I have never seen most of them for three years already. But I'm glad I at least had some great time when I met up with some of them in Mall of Asia.

Sm Mall of Asia is in Manila and so far it's the 3rd largest mall in the world. Not really a big deal! Hahaha. But I don't think it was that big when I was there. Or am i just used to walking a lot?

Anyway, as I've said it's been a long time since I have hanged out with my friends.  It was the first time in three years for me to see one of my close friends! We actually went to visit our high school earlier that day and it was so nice to see our old teachers again. I just miss high school so much I wish I could go back and do it all over again! Oh the memories =)

By night, we watched some fireworks display outside the mall. They always have fireworks show every friday and saturday nights. The owner of the mall must be crazy rich. He got to build a huge mall and have fireworks display twice a week. I don't think fireworks are cheap????

Oh by the way, if you see the pictures the other guy wearing a blue shirt, the small one, is not an old classmate and I just met him that day but he was super cool and funny.  We really had tons of fun with the pictures and they have no idea I am posting them here for you to see hahahahaha..

darlingwish says:
yeah, me too! i didnt think it was that big at all!! hehehehe thanks for the comment!
Posted on: Feb 11, 2008
Reephboy says:
I went to that mall too. It didn't seem too big, but at the time just being at a mall was pretty crazy for me. I had been living in Palau for a long time and they don't have anything like that. It was a good slap in the face of the reality of the world outside of little Pacific islands. I had fun...looks like you did too!
Posted on: Feb 11, 2008
CFD says:
Hey girl! The mall of Asia is HUGE, I got lost a couple of times and tried forever to find a certain store. Seems like they where expanding when i was there in March, but im not sure if its parking space of just another section of the mall. Meeting up with old friends is always fun , especially when you can talk like you saw eachother yesterday
Posted on: Dec 09, 2007
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hanie in the middle
hanie in the middle
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