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I made my flight! So I have arrived in Hamburg from Rome just in time but I only have less than two hours to catch my other flight to Manila. It's not a connecting flight so I still have to check-in again but first I have to get my other baggage stocked in the airport for 4 days. Phydie and I had to really run from terminal two of Hamburg airport to terminal one and that was really not easy with our bags and my heavy baggage! Anyway, I didn't miss my flight and I'm off to Manila but it's still gonna be another long flight for me.

The flight from Hamburg to Dubai was smooth. There were only a few passengers on board and I had three seats for my self! I got to lay down and stretch my body. I didn't sleep though because I wasn't sleepy yet. And then we've arrived in Dubai Airport but I wasn't really looking forward to my 5-hour stopover there.

I honestly don't like this airport. Yeah, it looks nice, great shopping, and all that glamour but I just didn't enjoy it! There were too many people walking, sleeping on the floor, and also the smell was just bad (from different people). I know airports could be really busy but I don't need to see a group of people having some kind of drama or whatever. It is more like a jungle to me than an airport! It's midnight and I just want to have some rest. I couldn't find myself a seat for like half an hour of walking and looking for one. And when I finally did, a group of ladies (im guessing African) occupied the two seats beside me and then they all surrounded me. It was so akward! Then the lady beside me talked to me but I couldn't understand her. She just kept on talking so I just gave up and left. Spent an hour in a bookstore reading a gossip magazine and tried to get some news about Britney's tenth baby.

I was extremely tired and sick at that time. I finally had some sleep on the plane (this time it was really full and noisy!).  I only got a few hours of sleep because my neck was already hurting. But I'm glad it was over and I am now back in the Philippines.  I will not include United Arab Emirates on my 'countries I've traveled to' list yet just because of my stopover there but only if I have really been outside the airport.

My family picked me up at the airport and it was weird to see a new baby cousin. But I'm already used to having a new one every year. We just never run out of babies and I don't know if this one will be the last. Nope, Britney Spears is not my aunt.

toddster184 says:
My two cents....Very pretty airport...great shoping priror to boarding...but man, what is up with everybody camping all along the hallways - sleeping, smelling up the joint and snoring! They take off their shoes and stink up the place. I was en route to the Luftahnsa Longe and man there was nasty feet smell effervescing in the air. Had to cover my nose and mouth. WTF mate?! If they can control that, ie..don't let people camp or sleep under the seats...I'd rate it as a good airport.
Posted on: Jan 15, 2009
darlingwish says:
Posted on: Feb 10, 2008
glennisnz says:
Quite amusing, keep it up!
Posted on: Feb 10, 2008
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