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I was awoken this morning at around 5:30 by someone knocking at the door and ringing the bell, no-one went to help them and so eventually I got dressed and went outside but there was nothing I could do as it was locked. Finally the receptionist came to help and opened it up, I tried to fall back to sleep for an hour. Then up and out to meet the guide for the tour of the indigenous villages. Well I made it after having a delicious breakfast smoothie and met up with the guide and the tour group there were 8 of us in total. Well all I can say is that it is one of the best tours I have ever done, the guide was fantastic and really passionate about the information he was sharing. We were shown first around the village and the religious leaders house before being taken to the main church where all the saints are displayed and the floor is covered with pine needles and people are praying and making sacrifices .
It is really interesting and like nothing I have ever seen before. The it was on to Zincantan where we went to a local village house and they showed us how they do their weavings and how they make fresh tortillas, we had to try some (mmm delicious).
We arrived back into San Cristobal at around 2:30/3pm, then I was off to explore the markets and churches. I stumbled onto a Marimba band which was awesome to listen to and everyone was tapping their feet. Then I started shopping again bought way to much so went to drop it off, by this stage it was already around 8pm so went in search of dinner. I found this really great restaurant where I had an amazing chicken salad with apple ,pineapple, wall nuts and it is run by a fantastic couple from California and it was so nice just sitting around chatting until 11pm.
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