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Well I woke up early at 5 am to repack and get ready for my trip around Monteverde, was collected at 6 and off we went. First we visited the Monteverde national park and went to the hummingbird feeding it was so great to see them and all different colours and sizes .Then we sped off to see the sky trek canopes and butterfly world. Then to Selvatura park, when we arrived they were still closed but he knows them and so they gave him the keys and off we went to explore. We went to see the butterflies and it was so great to see the Morpho which is such a brilliant blue. Then heading to the gardens and more hummingbirds and finally to the reptiles (eekkk !!!). It seemed like we were gone for hours and then we had to speed back to the hotel as I was being collected at 9am.
It was really great to have been able to see some of Monteverde otherwise I really would have felt like I had lost out. Then it was on the road again with Schumacher my driver, this journey seemed worse as he was driving quite fast but luckily I was in the front so felt fine but now I can understand the guide books warning about the journey. Well after about 1 ½ hours we stopped to change buses and luckily I saw my faithful driver Fernando and was very happy to hear that he would be driving me to Manuel Antonio, grabbed a quick sandwich and we were on our way. The drive took about 3 hours and I arrived at around 13:00. Well the hotel looks okay but is kind of up a side street/gravel path, it can be deceiving as you think you are in the middle of no-where but in fact it is a great position. The local bus goes on the main road about 3 minutes walk away from the hotel every 15 minutes from Quepos to Manuel Antonio and costs like 110 ¢ which is about 10 pence, great service. I decided to go and have a look around Quepos , it is quite a nice little town but nothing really special, it has a main street with lots of shops and restaurants and the main bus station, the beach is a bit disappointing as it seems it is being dug up at the moment. I grabbed a quick pizza and headed back after a lot of shopping. When I returned I was met by the owner and her friend who wanted to show me around the hotel, she really was trying very hard to be so nice and helpful which was quite sweet. Then off to bed again great news though the hotel has satellite and I managed to find Prison break!!
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