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1 - Out first shot of Devil's Tower on the left corner.

Today was our “Close Encounter” day.  It actually started less than perfect. I ended up making a wrong turn and instead of heading north, I headed east and we went to Sturgis.  If that had been about two weeks later the place would have been loaded with motorcycles, but today it was still a nearly normal little town. Every year, thousands of motorcycles make there way to Sturgis for a rally. It has been going on for years. It started out with just bad outlaw bikers, but over the years almost everyone with a motorcycle has joined the rally. For a full week the sleepy little town becomes a roudy, fun loving center for all bikers.  We were about 15 miles out of our way and made a correction and headed for the proper destination.


On to our real destination, the Devil’s Tower.  It only takes about 2 and a half hours to make the 120 miles.  This is one of the most famous places in the United States.

2 - Devil's Tower comes into veiw.
Besides being the first National Monument, it is also the place where much of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was filmed.


Along the way up close to the foot of the monument which goes almost completely around the base, there was a large meadow area where the prairie dogs had built their homes.  They seemed as curious about the tourists as we were about them. And we saw several deer in the area also, including one which jumped onto the road directly in front of our car.  A good thing we were only doing about twenty  miles per hour and had time to brake and miss the scared little doe. She bolted at our appearance and ran off into the forest.


After taking our pictures and walking through the visitor center we drove back out and stopped just outside the entrance area where we could buy a couple of souvenirs.


Then on to Sheridan, Wyoming for the night.

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1 - Out first shot of Devils Towe…
1 - Out first shot of Devil's Tow…
2 - Devils Tower comes into veiw.
2 - Devil's Tower comes into veiw.
3 - No sign of any spaceships!
3 - No sign of any spaceships!
4 - A sign explaining some of the …
4 - A sign explaining some of the…
5 - Devils Tower
5 - Devil's Tower
6 - Devils Tower
6 - Devil's Tower
7 - Devils Tower
7 - Devil's Tower
8 - Devils Tower
8 - Devil's Tower
9 - Devils Tower
9 - Devil's Tower
10 - Devils Tower
10 - Devil's Tower
11 - Devils Tower
11 - Devil's Tower
12 - Devils Tower
12 - Devil's Tower
13 - Devils Tower
13 - Devil's Tower
14 - Devils Tower
14 - Devil's Tower
15 - Devils Tower
15 - Devil's Tower
16 - Devils Tower
16 - Devil's Tower
17 - Devils Tower
17 - Devil's Tower
18 - The Prairie Dogs had a ball g…
18 - The Prairie Dogs had a ball …
19 - Taking a big lead
19 - Taking a big lead
20 - The center fielder looks bore…
20 - The center fielder looks bor…
21 - What excitement, what strateg…
21 - What excitement, what strate…
22 - The 3rd base coach is calling…
22 - The 3rd base coach is callin…
23 - Game called, the ball went do…
23 - Game called, the ball went d…
24 - Devils Tower
24 - Devil's Tower
25 - Devils Tower
25 - Devil's Tower
26 - Our final view.
26 - Our final view.
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Devil's Tower National Monument
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