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The entrance to Grand Canyon from Flagstaff side.

We started very early from Phoenix, wanting to get the most out of the day. It's, if I rememeber correctly, about 3 hours drive from Phoenix. We stoped at 4B's Cafe and had breakfast. Moving on, we drove thru Flagstaff and up to the Canyon. ( I have had this fascination for Route 66 since I was a kid, and I learned afterwards, that as we went thru Flagstaff, we had actually passed a little piece of Route 66. Had I know at the time, I would have begged my family to take at least a small drive on it. But I'm not sure if that would have been possible, since the road hadn't been rebuilt yet)

We did spend quite some time there, and I must say I found the canyon to be quite spectacular.

This is actually a postcard from Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon.
Just too bad, this was the one day I had a terrible headache, and wasn't able to enjoy the stay. We went to the shoparea after shooting some pics and I got some painkillers. Oh boy.. they worked REAL well. Best painkillers I've ever tried. lol...  
I would have liked to stay longer, after my headache were gone, but  my family being elderly people, we decided to head back to Phoenix.

We went out to dinner later that night with the rest of my Phoenix family and one of my cousins asked me what I thought of the Canyon. Being extremely shy at the time, I only managed to say; It's OK! Talk about understatement of the millenium, huh? hahahaha...

But what I really think of the Canyon is that it's spectacular, beautiful and amazing. And just about every other positive superlative I can think of. The view from where we were standing was simply amazing. It kinda makes you feel very small, looking at what Mother Nature can achieve. It has taken million of years, and it such a wonder. 
One day I will go back there, and take a hike or donkey ride down to the river. I also wanna try to get a helicopter ride above. That would be awesome. :o)

bkretzer says:
They also have a helicopter ride that takes you down to the bottom of the Canyon. Then they put you on a boar for a short ride on the Colorado River!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2009
acowboy says:
well we can do that that another time when you come... we had a bad monsoon that kinda washed it out...
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
Quest says:
yeah, me too.. :o)
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
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The entrance to Grand Canyon from …
The entrance to Grand Canyon from…
This is actually a postcard from H…
This is actually a postcard from …
one of my all time fav drinks... y…
one of my all time fav drinks... …
Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300