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11.23.07 - Friday

Today we sailed for Malta. More rough seas… several people were sick, although most wasn’t sea sick. It was more like a virus. After investigating, we discovered it was the water we bought in Sicily. So we had to drain all the water in our tank. One good thing is that we didn’t have to take “ship showers”. We were given permission to take 20 minute showers… It was heaven!

11.24.07 - Saturday

We arrived in Malta early morning. There was also a US Navy destroyer docked at our port. Everyone was still feeling sick. We had to boil all of our drinking water until our tank was empty and we purchased new water. Erika had two friends come to visit this week. Sam and Maria. Around 3:30pm we walked to town. The city of Floriana was beautiful. We got milkshakes from Burger King then found a local church that was all lit up with Christmas lights. There were children everywhere. The church was having a special children’s program. After dinner Dan and I went to the Heat bar/restaurant. They had free WiFi. The boardwalk was packed. Many people were out and hitting the clubs. They clubs were right next to the water. It was a very happening place and our boat was not even three minutes away.

11.25.07 - Sunday

Woke up around 9am - sleeping in is wonderful. I walked into town to go to St. John’s Cathedral. Wow, this church is incredible! One of Michael Angelo’s paintings were displayed, as well as many sculptures. After the service I walked around town taking photos of places of interest. I ran into Dan while getting gelato. Sicily’s gelato is the best by far. Dan and I spent the afternoon sightseeing and taking pictures. We went back to the boat for a late lunch and then on to the internet. We lost internet connection, so we didn’t get much done. After dinner I chilled in my bunk and listened to music before going to bed.

11.26.07 - Monday

I woke up at 6:15am to watch the sun rise. It was beautiful! The sun was very hot today. It felt like 80 degrees. We had classes today, along with worship. The US Navy ship pulled out around 11:30am. We had an outreach meeting, then maintenance all afternoon. After dinner our small groups met. Everyone was in bad moods. We were told that we would be responsible for leading Wednesday mornings devotional. We had no idea what to do.

11.27.07- Tuesday

I was up til 5:30am last night. I wasn’t able to sleep.. Just tossing and turning in bed. I prepared a slide show for Meinhard. His small group led this mornings devotional. It was really good. Today Jay and Teri started their teaching on relationships. Everyone is eager to hear what they have to share. We spent some of the morning recaping the teachings we’ve had so far. It was nice going back in time and remembering. I’ve learned soo much over the past few months.

11.28.07 - Wednesday

My small group led devotions this morning. It went really well. Everyone congratulated us on a job well done. I realize how much I’m like my father. I remember him all dressed up at the country concert he had organized… going throughout the crowd… entertaining everyone. I too enjoy entertaining people and creating activities to get people laughing and having fun. That was my part in leading the devotional.. to entertain everyone.

The water was really rough today. Even at port our boat was rocking. Thankfully the port authorities gave us a conference room to have class in. We watched a Nooma video and discussed rejection and forgiveness in relationships. After lunch we had sail training. Once we finished I was exhausted. Finally lack of sleep was catching up to me. That evening our outreach group met. We decided to fly into Dakar, Sinegal and spent three weeks there before driving through Gambi and on to Guinea-Bassua.

11.29.07 - Thursday

This morning the remaining small group led the devotional. Then we watched another Nooma video on the topic of shame. We also discussed rejection in relationships some more. We had the afternoon off, so I went to the internet. I managed to order a new camera bag and external hard drive and pay the rest of my school fees. This evening we gathered in the saloon to have relationship discussions. Basically a Q&A time. Before going to bed, we had “girl talk” in our cabin.

11.30.07 - Friday

This morning Sarah led the devotional on HIV/Aids awareness. We had our last day of teaching on relationships. We prayed for Jay and Teri before they left. Then we set sail for Greece. The seas were calm. After dinner we watched Shrek 2.

12.01.07- Saturday

Day at sea.

12.02.07 - Sunday

Day at sea. We had another “man overboard” drill, then went swimming. I jumped off the bow sprit. I was terrified, but it was exhilarating once I hit the water. I’m so glad I worked up the courage to do it. Conquering your fears feels incredible. We had worship on the deck while the sun went down. We even saw dolphins today. It was a great day at sea.

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