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Here we are again: you sitting there, and me already finished writing this and off somewhere in the world. Time zones. There are so many time zones to traverse. Where do I find the encouragement? Why can’t I settle down? Oh well…

…moving on.

About a week ago, I was having another one of those long chats on Skype with my special lady. We exchanged hopes, dreams and fantasies about being back together, settling down somewhere – anywhere. I was feeling a great urge to have my own bed, my own routine, a job perhaps? I felt that creative surge I sometimes get; the one where inspiration smacks me in the face and tells me to wake up. Also, I was cold and drunk.

Whatever the final combination was, I decided to book a flight to Wellington, New Zealand.
I spent a few days in the city mid-September. Although the focus was tequila shots at the time, I do remember a great deal of exploration revealing a beautiful environment. Plus, the burgeoning film industry is a draw as well.

So I booked the flight because 1) I wanted to be back with my fjäril, 2) feel the need to find work/experience in the creative industries (writing, film crew, living statue) and 3) settle down for a bit and 4) be closer to Fergburger (ask Chris Lee about the allure of that burger).

This update is somewhat behind the times. Many of you already knew I was heading down, which makes this update a waste of their time. I’ll be flying out tomorrow morning for London. Later that night, I’ll board my nearly 27-hour journey to Wellington.

While most of you wake up, pull your hands away from your genitalia, grab a cup of coffee/tea/energy drink, dress yourself and head to your respected destination; I will be in the air.
When laughter overwhelms you after reading Family Circus, I will be in the air. After scarfing down a Subway 12” sub (I can eat more because it’s healthy!), I’ll be fiddling with my own blunt knife and single-serving meal in the air. Later that afternoon when you’re stuck in traffic and thinking about who you’d rather do, I’ll be in a semi-conscious sleep in the air.

And so on…

Amsterdam has proved itself to me. I will return one day for sure. Same goes for the rest of Europe. I’ll come back to see Europe. Right now, I’m compelled to return to Oceania and explore the region some more. But first, I need to rest. It’s summertime, so it’ll be nice to feel warmth again.

Anyways, I wish everyone well this season and try not to do everything Oprah tells you to do.
Morle says:
Very funny! I'd love to read more of reviews like these! So keep on writing! Hope you're having a great time wherever you are right now! :-)
Posted on: Dec 31, 2007
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