Our Last Days in the UK are being Eaten!

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Removal Van ready for departure.

It's completely true, each day we have left (now being only two) is being eaten up by people wanting to visit, take us out for food, collect something they've bought from us or fix something in the house, which has decided to become inhabited by poultergeists with spanners.

We're emigrating to Canada. To Nova Scotia to be precise and its the countdown to departure at D-2 and counting. There's me, my husband, our 13 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Just the four of us in a country where we have no home, no jobs, no school, no friends or family.

It's really quite a strange feeling watching all of your worldly posessions disappearing and knowing that if you can live without them for four months then perhaps you didn't actually need them in the first place.

Why do we need all of this stuff? Doubt, to be honest, that we do. We'll let you know at the other end!
I thought that I would be feeling sad or worried. I'm not. I guess that's all part of having panic attacks, you daren't let your emotions off the lead because you might start to panic. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm actually not actually scared after all.

My main problem is making sure that all of the paperwork is ready for landing and immigration. Have we done our B4s and have we 2 copies? Check. Have we got our COPR forms, in triplicate? Check. Have we got the SIM application forms? Check etc etc.

Still, it feels like we're off on holiday. I can't seem to grasp that this is it. Goodbye England and Hello Canada. It's our daughter's last day at school today so perhaps that might make reality kick in, when I have her moody butt hanging around all day for the next four months. Still, at least it's nearly Christmas..Halleluja! Halleluja!

sdbleve says:
Looking forward to reading of your adventures. I follow the blog of another British Expat that you might find interesting. Actually he has two. Do a google search for Bill (or William) Sticker. He has 2 blogs were he has written about his moving to Canada. And welcome to TravBuddy.

Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
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Removal Van ready for departure.
Removal Van ready for departure.
Why do we need all of this stuff? …
Why do we need all of this stuff?…
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