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Residencia, Random Facts, Class:

Bring medicine because the Farmacias are not very helpful! I will almost guarantee that you will get sick at least once. I’m almost positive that every person on this trip has been sick with something at least once. I bought sinus medicine, anti acid medicine, and antifungal medicine and none of them made me any better. So load up on your medicine and pack carefully!

The residencia computers aren’t very good. We had some problems with our laptops picking up wireless because apparently we hadn’t paid for the “premium” plan with the residencies. I would still recommend bringing a laptop. There is a great internet café called Martinez on the corner of Santa Fe and Uriarte. They have wireless. Just made sure you buy something while you are there!

Buy a phone card ($10 pesos for 32 minutes; even though it says 76 minutes it will only give you 32) and go to a local telecabina for some privacy. They won’t charge you any extra.

Random packing note- bring warm clothes. Bring a big warm jacket and plenty of long pants. It’s very cold, especially at night. It feels about how our October/November feels.

Don’t sit outside of a café with your laptop. There is a good chance that it will be stolen. Be cautious!

If you come in late to the residencia, be quiet! You will be yelled at by the residencia staff if you are loud. And if it’s bad enough, they will tell Kirk and he’ll get very mad at you.

Bring electrical converters for the outlets and for appliances with lower voltages. Computers and battery chargers usually can work at 200+ voltage, but hairdryers and smaller appliances need a converter. Just a little FYI, the U.S. uses about 110 volts in the outlets and pretty much the rest of the world uses around 220 volts. If you don’t use a converter and you plug in a hairdryer from the U.S. to a 200 volt outlet, it will blow it out.

The showers are tiny! The water is hot enough, but it doesn’t always last a long time.

Buenos Aires is very safe to walk around in during the day. Grab a map and take a walk somewhere you’ve never been. That’s the best way to find little treasure bakeries and stores.

Safety is not much of a problem; don’t worry about being mugged and held at gun-point or anything. The biggest thing is petty theft and pick-pocketing.

Bring extra spares of everything that you think you might lose. Pack carefully! Think of all the little things that would be hard to replace in a different country where you don’t know the language.

Don’t bring expensive things like clothes, purses, and jewelry. You don’t want to stand out with expensive things because you will be more likely to be pick-pocketed.

Laundromats are, for the most part, amazing. Some people had bad experiences, but they always did a great job with my clothes. You just drop your clothes off and they wash them, dry them, and fold them within about 8 hours. If you have clothes that you don’t want dried or that are dry-clean only, you may not want to bring them. They do have dry cleaning services, but you may not want to risk a nice shirt or pants just in case they mess up. It’s your call!

Walk to class. It helps you learn your way around the city and it’s great exercise. It takes about an hour to walk there.

The tours with Gabriel are very informational and fun. Get excited for them!

Make sure to always read the material Kirk gives you and don’t be late for class (if you miss a quiz because you’re late, that’s just too bad). Don’t be late for the tours either (they’ll definitely leave you!).

Class is really cold so bring a warm jacket or wear lots of layers.

This is a suggestion for Kirk- I think you should have class early a few times and week and class a little bit later a few times. That way the students would have more time in their day to check out the cool things BA has. Having class from 12-5 doesn’t leave enough time before or after to visit the parks, go shopping, or venture around the city. You could have class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at like 3 and class on Tuesday and Thursday at 10. Just a suggestion!

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photo by: Vagabondatheart