Buenos Aires: Part 2

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Money and Food:

Along with money goes shopping. I would recommend going to the Puma store and buying some cheap Pumas. They are really popular in Argentina, so you’ll look cool to the locals. Also, when else can you buy $30 Pumas? There is a big store on Corrientes and Puyreddon (sp?). I’ve also heard there is a Puma outlet somewhere in BA but I’m not sure where that was. Also near the Puma store are lots of athletic stores if you happen to need athletic clothes. Don’t just settle on the expensive Reebok and Puma clothes. They have quality clothes at some of the smaller shops.

In total, I think I spent $700 including Mendoza and the money I spent when we went to Colonia.

I spent about $12 in Colonia. I was being super cheap that weekend. Everything really is super cheap, so don’t let anyone screw you over with jacked up prices (like $90 Uruguayan pesos for one cup of coffee).

I spent about $200 in Mendoza. The bus ticket was $60 total, the wine tour was about $12, trekking was $40, then you have a little extra for food, wine bottles, and olive oil.

It costs $4 pesos to send a postcard home.

Be smart with your money, but don’t worry about it in the long run. It will stress you out too much. Just have a good time and enjoy yourself!

Buy souvenirs. Again, don’t stress about money or you won’t enjoy yourself. BA definitely had the best souvenirs!

Kansas is a superb restaurant that actually serves America-style food. Every single thing on their menu is amazing. I really am not lying here. I ate so much that night. I literally woke up the next morning and could visibly tell that I had eaten a lot. It was just so good. So when you get tired of the café sandwiches go get a cheap steak at Kansas. You won’t regret it, trust me.

I would really recommend finding actual restaurants to eat at instead of cafes. It took me a long time to realize that BA actually has restaurants and that not everything is a café. So walk down Santa Fe and try some of those restaurants and Parillas.

Bring your own salad dressing. They only have oil and vinegar and the oil is gross.

Eat breakfast in the residencia (from 6am-9am). It’s really good and healthy! They have a big buffet with eggs, cereal, pancakes (put dulce de leche on them), oatmeal, toast (excellent with honey), and fresh fruit.

I’m not going to lie, you will gain weight. The diet is much different so be prepared! Plan on working out hard and watching what you eat if you want to keep your weight down.

They don’t serve very many vegetables in BA. Eat as many as you can get your hands on!

At restaurants and cafes, they won’t give you tap water, no matter what. Get used to paying for water and all of your drinks. You could try to sneak in a water bottle and slyly fill up your glass…

Eat tons of cheap steak and drink lots of cheap wine while you can!

Empanadas are cheap, abundant, and amazing! Don’t eat too many because they’ll make you fat, but cherish them while you’re in Argentina because you won’t get them in Brazil.

The Mexican restaurant at our final dinner was very good with authentic fajitas. The Mariachi band was fun, too!

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photo by: Vagabondatheart