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Well the last couple of weeks have absolutely whizzed by and we are now into our second session at camp.  It was very sad when the first-half campers left, I'd really grown to love my little tent family.  We didn't get to do our tent overnight in the end, because we didn't really have enough time to organise it, plus the day we'd picked was Sundae Night, and I knew they'd never forgive me if we missed that, so I had to make up excuses why we couldn't go!

Sundae Night is a big secret (although half the camp seemed to know) and our morning bugle wake-up is blown about five minutes after the bedtime one is blown -  and the entire camp screams & runs down to the dining room.  And there's ice-cream and lots of good things to put on top and there's singing and more noise than the dining room can handle, but it was a lot of fun!

The week leading up to Parents Weekend ended up being a lot busier & stressful than I anticipated and our department was pretty stretched, but we made it through somehow!  Those of us who had half-session campers got to have a day off overnight and a van-load of us went to Burlington to have some fun.  We stayed in someone's beautiful house & ate out for dinner & used the hot-tub & did some shopping & I got my hair trimmed & it all seemed to be over very quickly, but it was really awesome to get away and come back feeling refreshed. 

So now the new girls all arrived yesterday and my new tent family appear to be pretty awesome too!  It's strange having to start all over again, but these girls have been here before, so they're pretty comfortable and ready to have some fun!

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photo by: erinontour