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Eric, Angie, Willa and I rented out a beautiful beachside cottage just big enough for 4 people.  Usually, the cabins and cottages require a minimum 2-night stay, but with some negotiation, I was able to snatch it for $170 for one night.  We tried leaving somewhat early, because there's a nice scenic route to take instead of the 101N.  I prefer taking this route just so you expedite the feeling of being "away from it all." Almost immediately you enter lots of rolling hills and farmland.  It's really close to wine country, and it has that sunny, vineyard look and feel.  Once we got to the Pt. Reyes peninsula it still didn't really feel like a city.  A couple of little restaurants and shops and we were at our cottage.  It was right on the beach of Tomales bay, and right across the beach rose the Inverness peninsula.  It was picture-perfect.  There was a huge deck facing the water, perfect for sipping, reading, savoring the great outdoors. 

We soon left to go to the famous Hog Island Oysters, where you can pick a variety of oysters that are freshly farmed on site, and then BBQ them at the adjacent picnic for a fee.  Being the cheapos that we are, we decided to steam them at home.  Then we foolishly decided to try driving to the famous lighthouse.  Supposedly there, you can catch a sunset worth dying for, but just make sure you drive out early enough.  I almost collided with a John Deere and was constantly on the lookout for cows crossing the street due to the darkness.  We also half-froze to death trying to catch a glimpse of the last rays of sun. 

The rest of the night was much more pleasant.  Add some butter and garlic to the steamed oysters, and out comes a slice of heaven.  After our "appetizer" of enough oysters to feed a poor country, we started the real dinner of salad, cornbread, and honey-mustard salmon.  After stuffing our face for 3 hours, we went into the hot tub on the deck to end the night in style.  If you're bringing a girl, I highly suggest imbibing some Sofia champagne so you both dehydrate and pass out in the tub.  Now that's hot.

Next time: kayak on Tomales Bay, hike their renowned trails, party at Jonathan Keys' (oyster seller/dj/masseuse invited us to a party at his grandmother's house), and permanently prune myself in the hot tub.

kevinw83 says:
Looks like I missed out being a perfect 5th wheel...
Posted on: Jan 14, 2006
Eric says:
Did you guys end up going kayaking?
Posted on: Dec 15, 2005
angie says:
I like your next time list!
Posted on: Dec 08, 2005
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photo by: willahu