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Conal Hegarty on his daily visit to his son's grave in the Carrick graveyard.
Let me share a story with you.   A story of one of the life-long residents of the little town of Carrick; a man by the name of Conal Hegarty.   Sometimes people cross your path for just a brief moment but make a lasting impression.  That was the case with Mr. Hegarty.  A small-framed man with laughing blue eyes, he struck up a conversation with Leigh Ann as she wandered along the village sidewalks.  His easy talk and friendly manner immediately put her at ease.   Smiling as he spoke, he invited Leigh to come along with him for his daily agenda.   Her natural curiousity got the best of her, so she walked beside him as they made their way towards the church and the Carrick graveyard.  Mr. Hegarty talked as he retraced a familiar path.   A path he had walked every day for the past four years.   Leigh found herself standing in the churchyard, looking down upon a large marble tombstone, as this frail little man shared his story of Conal, Jr., his only son.

Conal, Jr., was a fisherman by trade.  A respectable occupation, although the hazards and dangers were great.   Fishing with friends out of Teelin Harbour, their boat was not new nor was it very large.  Nevertheless, he was able to make a living for himself and his new wife.   Yes, he was a newlywed, married a mere six weeks when he died.    Drowned.  His foot got caught up in the fishing net as it was cast overboard.  Unable to rescue him, the crew immediatley signaled to the other fishing boats in the area.   Although they came as quickly as possible, it was too late.  There was nothing left to do but throw out all their nets in hopes of entangling his body.   Upon return to the harbour early the next morning, the nets were pulled in and Conal's body was recovered.  Sadly, Mr. Hegarty was now alone, having lost his wife many years before, when Conal, Jr., was just a baby.

God has spared me the loss of a child.  I don't know what the years ahead hold for me, but I will continue to pray for my children's safety as they travel, as they work, as they play.   God hears my prayers, I know it.  
sylviandavid says:
Very sad story.... ... thanks for sharing it. Our children are in dangerous occupations and we pray for their safety as well..... Blessings. Sylvia
Posted on: Dec 29, 2007
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Conal Hegarty on his daily visit t…
Conal Hegarty on his daily visit …
photo by: kingelvis14