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Brandon Inlet. Exact spot where St. Brendan began his voyage to the New World in the 5th Century.
Our final stop on the Peninsula was on Brandon Mountain.  Des took us down to a tiny inlet with a boat ramp.  The only other person around was a lone fisherman with his small fishing boat.  The Atlantic Ocean was just a short distance away, on the other side of the mountain.   Eons of constantly changing tides have worn a perfect chasm in the rock hillside, forming a protected inlet where the pounding waves and fierce west winds are only a slight aggravation.  Then Des starting weaving his remarkable tale of one of Ireland's best-loved monks, St. Brendan.

You're probably wondering, "Who in the world is St. Brendan?"  Actually, to the Irish, he was a monk that lived in the 5th Century that took a voyage with 60 other monks to find the "Land of Delight" or better known as the New World.
Brandon Mountain
  Until this vacation, I had never heard of him either. 

The 5th Century was a glorious period in the history of Ireland when the first glow of its conversion to Christianity was brightly shining.  Ireland's earliest messengers of the faith (monks) were being sent forth to the continent (Europe) and to the regions of the sea.  So, naturally, it was the perfect time for St. Brendan to undertake an incredibly dangerous and adventurous trip in the name of Christianity.  As a monk it was his life's calling to spread the "good news" to all corners of the earth.  

Whether his voyage is only a popular legend believed to be true by the the largest majority of the Irish OR could St. Brendan have actually made his way to the western continent in a wooden boat covered with well-oiled leather skins.  There is no historical proof of this sea voyage to an undetermined destination (maybe Finland) but how did Brendan come to the knowledge of animals and plants only native to the western continent?  You decide for yourself.
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Brandon Inlet.  Exact spot where S…
Brandon Inlet. Exact spot where …
Brandon Mountain
Brandon Mountain
photo by: kingelvis14