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Woe is me!  Our time with Des was quickly coming to an end.  Today would be our last day together and I was going to miss him.  Our plans for the day included three stops.  We were working our way eastward to the other side of the island and the bustling city of Dublin.  This is where we would spend the next three nights and where we would leave Des.  Our first stop was in Northern Ireland, the small village of Belleek.   We drove across the River Erne via a narrrow stone bridge and were deposited on the other side.  We were now in Northern Ireland, which everyone knows is part of the United Kingdom.   It was now necessary to use the British pound rather than the Irish euro.  Not good.  One euro converted into 1.46 U.S. dollars, which was bad enough, but let's compare that with the conversion rate of the pound.  One pound converted into 1.997 U.S. dollars.  Oh, hell, let's just say one pound equals two dollars.  Is that simple enough for you?  I might as well be shopping on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood or at Tiffany's in New York City.  But, you know what, I wanted some Belleek fine china and I was willing to pay the price.  Check it out for yourself, since I don't have any pictures.  Since its introduction in 1857, Belleek has been prized by porcelain lovers the world over.  Belleek is instantly recognizable; no other porcelain combines such egg shell delicacy with the translucent ivory tint of fine china.   Each piece is truly unique; every flower, finial, handle, and brush stroke is applied by hand.   One of the best known Belleek products would have to be the artistry and skill displayed in their world-famous basketware.   Of course, I  just had to buy one of these porcelain baskets.  It has to be the most delicate piece of china in the world.  The tiny little strands of porcelain are interwoven with such care, back and forth, over and under, until the basket is complete and ready for inspection.  My basket has tiny red poinsettias and green leaves situated around the basket rim.  Special packaging was required for such a delicate piece, so I had it shipped back home.   It now has a reserved spot in my glass-front curio. 

If any of my fellow travel buddies find themselves in Belleck in the future, you might want to take the guided tour of the pottery.  It would be fascinating to see these talented craftsmen at work.   I only wish we could have squeezed in the tour, but we had miles to go before dark (we might have turned into pumpkins!)    These folk are truly artists in the fullest sense.

Our next stop would be Newgrange.
paulkernan says:
Paul here, thoroughly enjoying this wonderful blog. The pottery town is Beleek - just for accuracy sake... (Still reading)...
Posted on: Feb 11, 2008
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