Looks like we most likely will be moving to the west coast. SF

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If anyone by chance ever reads this? Please read my other blog entry too, the one posted before this one.  God do I have questions, and need some good tips and advice.

Well, today I spoke it over with my partner about moving to San Francisco.  It seems like at the moment we most likely will.  I have to see how things play out over the next few months here in NY.  My condo is on the market for sale.  Depending on when I get an offer, and closing date, will decide on my relocation date.  I'm thinking sometime in the spring if I go through with this.  I will also be heading out west some time around March or April to scout out a few things like houseing, etc.

This past week I was writeing out many list, listing things that will have to be done.  Different idea's about how to go about the move.  I'm trying to come up with some type of plan.  This is the first time I ever done a living relocation.  I'm scared as hell, but I have alway's dreamed of living in San Francisco.  I also have sort of gotten to the end of my rope here in NYC.  I need a fresh start.  Life is chance and risk.  And I'm starting to get the feeling that its time for me to be brave, and take the leap, and give this a shot!!


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