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Yesterday we got up at six in the morning. We left the house about 6:30, I guess? Got to the airport at OH MY GOD EARLY and then our flight was 45 minutes late. How typical, right? But it wasn’t bad. The airport has WiFi and it wasn’t crowded. But neither of us sat still very long, and wandered around the place.

I think the longest we sat most of the day was the flight, which only took about an hour.

We got to Logan Airport, found the bus to the Blue Line, got the Blue to the Green and actually found our hotel in MINUTES. Which is impressive for us - since I get lost going around the corner.

We checked in and immediately went back out again in a quest for a convenience store of some sort (sodas and the “incidentals” we didn’t pack to speed up the trip through airport security).

We walked and counted Dunkin Donuts (yay!) and meandered through Chinatown and found a CVS.

We found our way back to the hotel (score!) and then went out AGAIN to the Museum of Fine Arts. Which is massive. Huge. And it’s also quite large. We were in there for about sixteen days and walked roughly 5000 miles.

Well, I did say it was large.

Seriously awesome museum. It’s like if you combined the Walters and the BMA and maybe something from Washington DC. Although I think I still prefer the Walters. First of all, it’s free. It’s also kind of like home. But still… the amount of Egyptian stuff they had was just amazing. Some really nice presentation, too.

Then we walked and walked and walked and looked at stuff. And then we took the Green line back to the hotel. PACKED. Woah. Massively packed.

Back at the hotel (found three times in a row!), then out again to dinner. An Irish pub (I like Slainte better). Then, finally, to the room. Nine PM.

Lots of time spent standing. Lots of time spent walking. So far I’m still alive.

Today we’re going to wander. There’s a graveyard right up the street at Boston Commons.

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photo by: bubu932