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After completing our adventures through the Petrified Forest, we ventured down the hill and drove to check out the Calistoga Geyser. I had been only once years ago and that's when I found out Charles Schulz's connection to Northern California.  There is a drawing he did of Snoopy at the geyser from his visit which is posted on display. 

One of the cool things on display here is records of significant seismographic activity within California.  Everyone knows California is infamous for its catastrophic earthquakes and it was interesting to see some of the records from those I've lived through.  It's also frightening to think back and remember the devastation, especially the Northridge quake I believe in 1994 which caused major losses in the Los Angeles area.


In addition to the earthquake info, there is something else pretty cool at the site.  A petting zoo of sorts! LOL. I think Liz and I had more fun playing with the animals than watching the geyser erupt!  We played with the Tennessee Fainting Goats and then off to some other goats which we fed and took pics with.  A few of them were rather mean and were trying to hog the food being fed through the fence.  And then, the llamas!  OMG!  Liz warned me they spit....uuuuuuuhhh.  One was throwing up again and again.  It was disgusting!  And the other one had this evil look on his face and as I got closer to him, I saw him pursing his lips (if llamas really have lips) and a little bubble was coming out and I figured out he was ready to blow!!! TAKE COVER!! :D  I ran the other direction but he never spit.

  He just liked giving me the evil eye I guess.  Bad llama! 

As the llama drama (whoo hoo rhyme) was playing out, I heard it!  The magical sound! BBAAAAA BBBBAAAAA!! SHEEP! SHEEP! SHEEP!  There's a joke with some of us from the Vegas Core Crew and our adventures through KC back in June and yeah, I was very excited and could hear both Melanie and Will in my head, "SHEEP! SHEEP!"  HAHAHAHA.  Had to get pics of the little fluffballs!  :D

*Blog about the geyser itself to be updated* Wanted to get the pics posted before I leave for the holidays! :D

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