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Sandspit Beach, Montana De Oro State Park- the view as we walked down.
***NOTE: Montana de Oro State Park is slated to be CLOSED by Schawarzenegger in July of '08***** (Update June 29, 2008 THIS WAS REVERSED!!! YAY!!!!!!)

Today we decided to head to Montaña De Oro State Park for our walk. While driving over there it was still up in the air as to which trail we would pick. Montaña De Oro has many trails to offer, many of them uphill ending in summits that overlook the gorgeous coastline. There is also a bluff trail like the one at Fiscalini Ranch, but in the end we chose to walk the beach at Sandspit. The beach was almost deserted, except for a few other couples out for a walk. The weather was overcast and cold today but perfect for our walk, as we were bound to get hot.

About a mile into our walk we came upon a shelter someone had made of driftwood .
the drift wood "dwelling". Morro Rock can be seen in the background
It was kind of impressive- there was even a round stump for a seat inside. We added our own piece of wood to it, took pictures and off we went again!

This particular beach is not maintained by any group so the trash is left where it is and you are asked to take everything with you. Because the rubbish is just left there you can see exactly what washes up on shore as well as what kind of trash people leave behind. People, it seems, mostly leave water bottles, beer bottles and oddly enough a plastic purple lei. The most interesting thing we saw that had washed up on the beach was a small dingy, broken and splintered. I couldn't help but wonder how it had gotten on that beach- where was the person who owned it and how did it get broken and battered, abandoned to the elements and the sea?

Two miles into our walk we spotted four turkey vultures scavenging on the beach.
me at the driftwood "dwelling"
I've never seen this before. I didn't even know that turkey vultures came to the coast! We walked over to see what they had found and saw that it was a large flat fish that must have washed up when the tide was high. All my life I've lived near the coast- a 15/20 minute drive- and I've never seen a fish wash up on shore so it was a very interesting sight, and as gruesome as it was I had to take a photo to document this interesting fish. Somewhere around this time we noticed that two people on horseback were behind us. Even though horses are not allowed on the beach it made for a really beautiful picture. It was only later when we dodged a big pile of horse dung that it really became obvious why horses aren't allowed on the beach.

Just before we decided to head back, around mile 3 1/2, we watched these small birds run -yes run!!- to the water's edge, stick their beaks in the sand and then run with the their little legs as the water came in.
drift wood
They only flew when their legs couldn't carry them fast enough. I've never seen a bird run when they could easily just fly away- it was really funny and cute! I wanted to take a video of the bird's behavior but I knew that they would fly away as soon as I got close enough to film them so I just took a photo, but it doesn't even capture their cute and odd behavior.

The walk back was uneventful but brutal because we had to face a steep hill of sand that was fun on the way down but pure torture on the way up.

Lunch at the Hofbrau and the day was done!

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Sandspit Beach, Montana De Oro Sta…
Sandspit Beach, Montana De Oro St…
the drift wood dwelling. Morro R…
the drift wood "dwelling". Morro …
me at the driftwood dwelling
me at the driftwood "dwelling"
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the driftwood "dwelling" and the …
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