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Next morning. The truck should leave 06:00u. So, you can have a slight idea, the feelings I had when I got in this vehicle. After some 3,5 hour sleep, I had to wake up and break down the tent in the darkness. The sun will be up over one hour. Having some delicious instant coffee and dry sandwiches, we were on our way. Today, the road is gonna be long and hot. Destination: Sesriem. Killing time with reading, talking (not that much), looking outside the window and sometimes a little sleep. When the truck bumped, you always will be awake again. Seeing almost nobody on the gravel road.

One little stop to have some lunch. Not far away, there was a big nest. This was made by weaverbirds. So special to see. It seems that is the number one cause of fire in this area. Inside these nests, the temperature could raise fast, if it is not ventilated enough. This is were the bees jump in. They co-colonize such a nest, whit a mutual advantage, that they can keep the temperature moderate. If the bees are gone, so better be the birds.

Sesriem: arrival 16:00u.
2 choices: Staying at the swimming pool (yes, this decadent feature does appear in the dessert) or going on hike in the little canyon of Sesriem.
I had chosen the last and I was glad to, afterwards. The pictures are astonishing. No much off wildlife, but the walls of stone made you feel little. The timing was also genious, because the sun made some nice lights.
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photo by: WorldXplorer