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Looking back, this was one the highlights during these 3 weeks. When we drove back to Vioolsdrift, the check at the border was a little severe and a 30 minutes later we could carried own way. Welcome in Namibia! Did you thought South Africa was arid. Think again! Everybody was puffing in the truck. Sweat guts all over, but I did enjoyed the view so much. We had a little stop for photographing the world famoust  Quiver tree or Kokerboom. Our next destination was Hobas, a campingsite near a viewpoint at the Fish River Canyon.

Before visiting the FRC we had to put up our tents again at the campsite. We were all shocked! Dust, sand, dust, sand and dust. All poor tourists (after struggling with their tents) had to go back in the truck to ride to this viewing point (30 minutes), did not had the time to take a shower! Completely full of dust in the ears and in the shoes, we were supposed to walk 3 km along the canyon.
All these little displeasants were soon forgotten. It was prohibet to descend in the canyon. Temperatures could raise there up to 60  Celsius. Tendencies to go down, were put away.
Anyway, at the end of the hike, Dion and Tom stood there with the usual booze/refreshments and some snacks. Exhausted, we waited for the sunset. Beer in the left hand, cigarette in the right. Smile on my face.

But, It will be even better.
Arriving again at Hobas, it was time to shower. Everybody was rushing to the sanitary buildings. I did not so much hurry, so I waited ouside, looking over the sand planes around the site. And there it was, swiftly moving to protection. It was allready dark, so I had to put my face more to the ground, trying to see more. I was looking in the face of a barking gekko.
Awesome! As fast as could, the photo was taken, and there it went. With even more pleasure I cleaned myself that evening.

Before I was gonna rejoin the group, I had to light a little fire for my dad. That day, normally, was his birthday. This was its first without him.

After the braai, most went to their beds, except some die-hards. Dion, with his big mouth but tiny heart, took us (5 persons in total) just outside the campsite. It was pitch-black, nearly full moon and we stood there in the middle of nowhere. We all did not dare to take a breath. It was so silent... We were on the moon. Dion broke the silence and threw a little stone. What, the sound of the stone breaking to the air! This was amazing. Me, as a city boy... I had never experienced complete silence and the hearing of a rock moving through the air. There was some technique needed and after some time everybody was trowing stones. No photo's, but what a memory! "What's the time?" "Nearly 2 o'clock!" We better went to sleep.

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Fish River Canyon
photo by: Biedjee