23rd and last full day

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Kick off: Gathering at the central point in the campsite, to breakfast. This would take an hour, meeting new people that also signed in. Than in an old truck up to the river Zambezi.

Arrived there, we had to descent into the rift. Putting on our saving shirts and helmets, first action was practising peddling. Yes, this morning rafting was on the menu. It spended somewhat 2,5-3 hours, but is was so cool, breathtaking and especially adrenaline rushing. We had a flip twice and I had nearly a drowning experience. Almost I paniked, after be sucked down by the streams, but after realising I had a swimming vest, I stopped grapping and went to the surface. Some minutes later and gallons of river water swallowed, I was picked up by another boat.


At the end of the morning the fun was over and we were driving back to the camp. That day two man were injured, but none of our group. We had something to eat and after that I had to wait.

Around 2 o clock it was time. With some curieus groupmembers, I took a cab again to the falls. We had to check by the border and went to nobody's land at the bridge. Walking that bridge, the nerves started to tingle. I was the only one, and it was my first. 

And there I stood, taking a breath and jumped. Man, this was amazing. Again, that momentum of fall, but to fast that jojo effect. Back at the bridge they offered me another jump. "You wanna kill me?", I hampered still shaking. It was awesome, but in contrast to skydiving I had never the feeling to do it again. It was a splash ending this trip and it was enough.

That evening we went to a restaurant, more or less as a farewell party. Back at the camp we made up the beer supplies. And more than a little tipsy I want back to the tent.    

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photo by: sarahsan