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Still with sleep in my eyes, I hurried downstairs to ask what time it is. I was on time, but my hangover told me to go back to bed. I had to wait another hour, so I tried get fresh with a shower, some breakfast and the last minutes with staring at the sky.
And there she was, a beautiful lady: "Are you coming, Thor?". I did not know that I could be so fast. The rest of the group were saying goodbye with a laughter and there we went.
"Are you gonna jump with me?" I asked in the car, driving to the little airport. With a smile "No, I'm just here picking you up!". After some fifteen minutes we saw the airport. Bernd was the one, who was gonna to give me some lessons in skydiving. After some practice "dry", he warned me: "Watch out, it's addictive!''. Getting in there in the plain, my heart was knocking on the door.
After the lift off, even more. Am I really gonna do this? At some 3000 feet (I guess now, some 3 years later) it was time to leave.. The jump and......

..........Hitting the ground. What an adrenaline shot, what  a rush! This was LEKKER! A moment off fall. Undescribable, owowowow.

Still a little bit confused, I asked if they wanted to bring to  Dessert  Explorers.  Buying a  longsleeve shirt I walked back to Villa Wiese.
Unbelievable, two guys were trying to lure me into some darkened allees, at brought daylight. Some shitty story that I had them to help with translating. No way Jose.

That evening watching the jumpvideo in the bar on bigscreen. Chicken pocs!
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photo by: Chelsea