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My first 'big' trip. My first time going on a plain. My first time (really) going alone.
My adventure begins getting out the train on Schiphol. It was already a 3 hour journey from Groningen. Checking in and looking around this enormeous big place. Boarding time: 19:30u. local time. Time enough, I thought. How could I known that the gate was somewhere at the end of the airport? That it would be wise to go first to the  border police and then shop around or something. Nobody (friends or family, so few) had the knowledge to instruct me. So, at 19:25u. I walked whistling to the border control. "So, young man, you have to rush! They are leaving within 5 minutes." Didn't know that my condition was so surprisingly determent. Getting there as number last, the plain could took off.

What a sight! What a hurry on Airport Frankfurt. Running what all my luggage to the next gate. Left and right to me, everybody was running. Stress, stress! Well, a little bit. All passengers destined to go to Johannesburg (Jo'burg) were able to overcome this narrow gap between the two flights. Meanwhile, I had no idea if there were any travelbuddies among the other passengers. I had booked my travelticket by a grouptravelagency, or something like that.
Arrival at Jo,burg. Chaos! No signs that could direct you to the right gate. Half the airport was under construction. Pfff, all these men who were offering their services. Ok, what the hack, I'll hire you. Take me to the gate where this Cape Town plain awaits.
Waiting for the rest in front the hotel
Okidoki. What a nice guy, but be aware! Watching all my precious things, which will count zero. He delivered me nicely at the gate. Thanks a lot, have a big tip and get out!
(That evening, I discovered my cellphone was missing. There was just one oppurtunity.).

Half past 11; Good morning Cape Town.
2 man of the company already stood there with a typical yellow bus. They were gathering everyone who looked confused and couln't find a board with Djoser (which was the Dutch company). After some first meetings, the tension did raise a little bit, because some had missed the plain in Jo'burg, because of the chaos. One hour and 5 sigarettes later, they decided to go anyhow to the hotel and one of them would go back to pick up the missing persons. Riding with the yelluw bus through Cape Town did make some first impressions.
The townships, unfinished infrastructures, like colossal bridges, everything did realize me I was not in Europe anymore. After some 30 minutes bus trip we arrived at the hotel, in 'white' Waterfront.

The Djoser group must count 20 people/tourist, all Dutch. In the early afternoon 2 persons were still missing. The crew (Tom, Afrikaner; guide) and Dion (Mozambiquean, (chef) cook and guide) advised us to visit Table Mountain. The would go back to the airport and search for the lost ones.

Exciting, we did had to manage the transport by ourselfs. Somehow not surprisingly, the taxi came to late. The phenomenom "African Time" will come back many times the next weeks. The taxi left us at the Visitors Centre some 300m under the plateau. For the last part, you had two choices.

View from the elevator
Going walking or taking the cable/elevator. We didn't had time for the first choice. Regrets? No, the view was awesome. Also, was the speed of this piece of metal. Combined, this could be the first feeling of a kick. The Afrikaners (according to the crew) had a term: "Lekker". In Dutch, its translated like tastfull (food) or good (events). In Afrikaans, it's a little bit more. You normally will say it, when the experience is new and soooooo good! This was the first time Lekker!

On top on the Table Mountain the view was astonishing! No babboons, no dassies, but plenty of agames to shoot, I mean photograph. The red-winged starlings were to fast, although the numbers huge. They flourish partly because of the litter dumped by visitors. Anyhow, when time exceeded, temperature dropped fast. So we had to go back. At the meeting point with our cab-driver, nobody was there. Waiting and getting cold did cost us almost a hour before this friendly finally man picked us up.

Our reuning with the crew, gave us two new faces. Exactly, the lost ones, the brothers. After some dining, I finally let myself to sleep in the my own hotelroom. Little but frustrated that my cell phone was missing, so I could not set a time to wake up.  

lilie says:
i am looking for people that have been to Cape Town in order to answer toa survey about place of interest year. If you have 5 minutes please give me your email andI will send you my questionnaire. Thank in advance for your help

Posted on: Aug 11, 2008
JeAr says:
nice blog! reminds me that my first trip out of the country will be in 2 weeks! kind nervous and excited at the same time. lucky me i'm not gonna be alone :)
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
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Waiting for the rest in front the …
Waiting for the rest in front the…
View from the elevator
View from the elevator
Cape Town
photo by: v10