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Fying - I dread the thought of 21 hours.  Not that I am afraid - I don't mind so much once I am in the plane.  Its the waiting... and then the uncomfortable seats for hours, and hours.  But the end result is worth it this time.  My friend Lilieth was kind enough to drive me to JFK the afternoon of the 13th. My flight was at 4pm but Lilieth picked me up at noon. She wanted to make sure we had extra time in case the traffic was bad. driving on the LIE at any time of day is usually an event. As it turns out, we flew along but I was glad that I got there as early as I did. The line for AirChina almost stretched out of the door of the terminal.  My friend Andi would be meeting me at the gate.  I made sure that she and I had seats together.  I made it through the long lines and sat and waited by the gate (the wait begins). OK, now I was a little bored. Ah well, still excited about the trip. I'm off to Thailand!  Andi soon showed up and we made our last minute phone calls before boarding the plane. Had to say goodbye to family and friends.  we had a very long flight ahead of us. The first leg of the trip was a 13 hour flight to Beijing. We thought we were going to have a 3-seater to ourselves but families were switched around and a young boy was seated next to me.  I didn't really mind. He was polite and well behaved.  The flight was fairly uneventful.  Once we approached the city of Beijing the flight attendants came around with a form that everyone had to fill out.  You had to check off if you were currently ill, had a fever and/or cough and so on.  Andi and I checked no for all of the above and settled back into our seats.  A few moments later, the flight attendant came by and handed the boy next to me a thermometer.  I wasn't too pleased.  However, I was even less pleased when after taking his temperature they proceeded to move him to another part of the plane. Sort of an in-flight quarantine.  Great. I'm on my way to Thailand and China and now I've been exposed to who knows what.  All Andi and I could do was laugh...

After arriving in Beijing, we disembarked and made our way to the next terminal.  We had a three hour layover (which soon turned  into four) and then another four and a half hour flight into Bangkok.

AndiPerullo says:
Hahaha, I totally forgot about the kid infected with the chicken flu sitting next to us. What a long day, but so worth it! I'm so happy we got to travel together--hopefully we'll travel again together soon! XOXO
Posted on: Nov 27, 2007
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