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The food that made us both very ill!

Ok our journey to Buenes Aires dropped us here. We hadnt planned to stay the night here but...well read and see.

We got dropped here after another bus journey from hell. Massively bumpy roads, no toilet, dusty and this time the added bonus of a flat tyre!

We booked a bus straight away and were told to be at the bus station a half hour before.

Villazon seems really ropey, shady characters all over the place. I would certainly not recommend it to a lone traveller!

So we got some chow which later made me incredibly sick and then went to get the bus. Turned out we had to cross the border to get the bus and the bloody border was closed! We tried reasoning with the guy who was still in the office, the stupid stamp he needed to give us 3 inches from his hand, but he refused. Then we tried sneaking across but were caught by 2 army guys who were not pleased in the slightest!

So we eventually gave up and started walking through this extremely dodgy are to find a hostal/hotel, the first thing we could find actually, to stay in for the night. On the way we were walking up a road and some guy changed his walking direction, purposefully making a b-line straight for us and then as he passed dropped his shoulder and rammed it into my chest. No reason, no provacation, just a nob. Now I was hugely pissed at missing the bus since we have such limited time and I suppose the red mist just dropped over me like a fiend. Needless to say after I dropped both my bags and turned towards him he didnt want to know, walking quickly down the road muttering under his breath. Im sure the Scottish accent helps as when your angry is sounds rough as hell!

We found a hotel, slept in a room overhanging a nightclub which was pounding until 6am keeping us awake, although I wouldnt have got any sleep anyways, the forementioned meal playing havock with my insides!

RabOrr says:
What are you doing making a break for the border when there's under trained over armed guards about?

What are you doing frontin up a random ya radge??

And what are you doing sleeping in a room when there's a nightclub beckoning you all night till 6am???

D xxx

D xxx
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
CharmaineX says:
LOL trying to sneak across HAHAHA thats classic LOL cant wait for u to be home bro =)
Charmaine x
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
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The food that made us both very il…
The food that made us both very i…
photo by: Jas1313