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Everyone (every traveler) has a favorite continent upon which to travel. Mine is Asia, I find it exotic and naturally beautiful; the jungles, mountains, rivers, food and people make it what it is. Just being there takes me to a figurative place where I feel I am in a spot in time and space that is actually timeless. If one goes deep enough into the less developed countries there he may find that he can hardly tell what century it is. If one spends enough time there he may well find that the full vastness of the place communicates to him just how spatially minute he is. The largest continent is enormous indeed, and I have only seen a mere fraction of it.

Few travelers will say that the continent of their birth is their favorite upon which to travel. I am from North America, I feel at home here in a way that seems to make it less exciting and novel than any other whose customs and ways are less familiar to me. Some say Europe is their favorite -- it used to be mine, I still say it is the best first trip for new trekkers. Some insist that their favorite is one which they've not even visited yet -- I can understand that sentiment. I know I will love Australia, though I've yet to go. Others still have a love/hate outlook on a place, if you don't take a light-hearted approach to travel and all the minor catastrophes that it entails, then you may easily find yourself in that camp. Some are torn and cannot choose a favorite and do not see why they even should have one or use such speech; after all, every place has its draws and wonders. Does not a favorite imply that there is a least favorite (surely a euphemism for "worst")? Travelers assuredly are different, but we have more in common than even most of us are aware of...

So go see Asia, all of you who suspect that you will love it. Go if you dare, you will not come back unchanged -- that's a good thing, by the way. Statistically speaking, very few persons ever leave their home continent, although that number is diminishing each decade as the world "shrinks." So go, go if you have the opportunity. Better yet, make the opportunity -- if you're on this site you're a traveler or would-be traveler. May I recommend Thailand for those who've been abroad before and have seen a few of the more raw sides of "holiday-ing," Cambodia for the hardier still... or Japan (I've not actually been myself, yet) for the fussy and fastidious. Just go, I'll wager you'll love it!

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