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I’ve been in India for almost a month now.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long but I have covered a lot of ground in such a short time.  

Although I raved about the delicious foods here in India when I first arrived, I’m more than relieved to find lots of western variety in the food choices in Varkala.  I’m from Toronto.  I need variety!  I’m tired of rich, spicy foods for breakfast.  I enjoy the dosas, a popular South Indian morning meal, but I always ask for less spicy now at the restaurants and I long to see banana porridge, or even toast on the menu.   

It’s harder to get variety in your food when you’re a party of one.
Varkala beach at sunset
  I only get to order one dish along with rice or naan and by the time I’m halfway through my dinner, I tend to get sick of eating the same thing for every bite.    I miss sharing my meals with a friend.  Not just for the company, but so we can order more dishes to share between each other.  I would order more for just me, but I’m petite and my appetite is never that large.  I can barely finish one dish on my own and I feel guilty about leaving food behind on my plate.

I do miss the company of another travel friend.  I’ve spent months on end before traveling by myself, but not really alone.  When you travel, I find that you always find a friend.  But I haven’t found a friend since Mamallapuram, which was 2 weeks ago.  I’ve chatted with a few travelers here and there, and I’ve had some pleasant conversations with locals, but no one I’d call a friend.  No one to share a meal, or a real conversation.  

Mind you, my time in Tamil Nadu had been a blur.  I basically zipped from town to town staying in different hotels as there were few guesthouses available.  Hotels don’t exactly lend themselves to meeting other travelers, especially since those hotels tend to be full of single local men.  In all honesty, I simply haven’t stayed anywhere long enough to make a friend lately.

I have hopes for Varkala.  It’s a stunning cliff-side beach town well-known to tourists.  It’s full of western food that my stomach is so grateful for.  I’m excited to find proper sandwiches, pasta, roasted potatoes, and even Mexican food although I have yet to try any here.  I’m curious as to how an Indian cook will handle making Mexican food.  They won’t have all of the right ingredients, that’s for sure.  I’ve had Chinese food at several restaurants in several towns.  It’s never even close to right.

This is only my second day here and so far I’m enjoying the slow-pace and peaceful atmosphere.  The days are hot but there’s a constant ocean breeze, and in the evenings the weather is perfect.  I’m so grateful for the cool, clean air.   

But still no friends.

A chat here, a smile there, but I guess I’m just waiting for that click.

Andrea16 says:
I just caught up on your last 2 weeks of posts....i cried! yep! cried! I miss India soooooo much! Of all the places I have been, India left the deepest brand on my soul. I'm enjoying living vicariously thru you! Wish I could be there to share a meal like our days in China!
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
rayramon says:
good pics, translate the beauty really well.

Posted on: Feb 06, 2008
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Varkala beach at sunset
Varkala beach at sunset
photo by: Marusya