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One of the camels

I rode a camel for three days across the Thar Desert near Jaisalmer.

Can we say….. LOADS OF FUN?!

There were seven of us in our group along with three camel drivers who took care of our camels, guided us through the desert, and cooked all of our meals over camp fires. We ate simple dishes of vegetables, rice, and homemade chapattis. The masala chai was brewed fresh every time. We had fruit and plenty of water that we drank non-stop during the hot afternoons.

The Thar Desert isn’t like the deserts you think of when you think of Lawrence Of Arabia. The Thar Desert actually gets lots of rain during the monsoon season. But in the dry season, it’s a truly dry, dusty, hilly land full of thorny shrubs and cacti.

But at night, the camel drivers would lead us to some sand dunes where we’d get to play in our giant sandbox and then spend the night sleeping under the stars.

One of the camel drivers leading our caravan
We didn’t need tents as there were plenty of blankets to keep us warm and in the morning, the glow of sunrise would wake us up.

How to describe this amazing experience……?

Here’s a try:

Super hot. Super dry. Lots of thorny bushes. Burs caught everywhere. Sand everywhere. The BEST masala chai. Yummy desert cake. Camel drivers singing Hindi love songs. SAND-DUNES-O-FUN! Running antelope. Desert foxes. Wild peacocks. Visiting desert villages full of kids searching my pockets for coins and candy. Herds of goats and sheep and cattle. Shepherds wearing orange turbans. THE DOG WHO FOLLOWED US ONE AFTERNOON WHO WE NAMED RUBY. Dung beetle tracks all over the camp site every morning. Phillipa’s runaway camel. SUPER HOT afternoons resulting in long siestas under a tree.

Climbing up the sand dunes on our first night
BEATING HUNGRY GOATS AWAY WITH A STICK. A camel carcass. Huge vultures. Being snatched up by the village women who put bindis on our foreheads and posed for photos with my sunglasses. Making sand angels. VICTOR, the alpha male camel, and his gross, gurgling mating call that sounded like faulty toilet plumbing. RUBY RUBY RUBY RU-BAAAY! Drawing pictures in the sand by the campfire. Jamming on water jugs and a harmonica. Victor’s GIANT EXPANDING TONGUE and stinky, stinky burps. Camel dung everywhere. Long siestas talking about the best places in the world for ice cream. BEING PULLED BY MY ANKLES DOWN A SAND DUNE every time I almost reach the top! Chatting for hours into the night under the bright half moon. My tired, sorry ass after riding a camel for three days.

shaydan_01 says:
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
Connie says:
Sorry, that was some time ago and I really don't remember. Prices have probably changed since then anyways.
Posted on: Feb 16, 2010
shaydan_01 says:
Hi! I am wondering if you can remember the name of the company you did this safari through and around how much it cost?

Sounds amazing! Thanks :)
Posted on: Feb 16, 2010
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One of the camels
One of the camels
One of the camel drivers leading o…
One of the camel drivers leading …
Climbing up the sand dunes on our …
Climbing up the sand dunes on our…
Our first morning at camp
Our first morning at camp
photo by: lrecht