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This entry is just for clarity’s sake regarding my travel map has so kindly provided for my travel blog. I like my little travel map, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. It’s very QUANTITATIVE.

But I couldn’t let my marker at Kochi be followed directly by a marker on Havelock Island here in the middle of the Andaman Sea. I feel it necessary for that little line to make a stop in Chennai. It doesn’t look right for that yellow line to go from Kochi straight to Havelock Island.

It was not as direct as the map makes it out to be.

That one line would have represented several days and several modes of transportation although my faithful viewers might have interpreted it as a single, simple flight. Not so my friends!

From Fort Cochin, the island I was staying on in Kochi, I walked about a kilometer to the boat jetty where I rode the ferry back to the mainland. A zig-zaggady rickshaw ride later resulted in my arrival at the Ernakulum train station where I settled into my top berth, air-conditioned sleeper for a 12 hour overnight train ride to Chennai.

In Chennai, it was a local bus to my guesthouse where I stayed one short night. I woke my tired ass up at 4:30am to hop into the rickshaw that I had previously arranged to meet me at that UNGODLY hour. 30 minutes later and I was at the airport.

I’m not even going to get into THAT. It was one of those "Oh my GOD, I’m SO in India!" moments.

Next, I embarked on a two hour flight where I questioned whether it was proper for a walking, talking child to spend an entire flight in his mother’s lap. I sat next to this family. I thought it was weird.

After landing in the Andamans at Port Blair, I applied for my free and instant special permit visa. It was perhaps the fastest paper work I’ve seen anywhere in India. Go Port Blair airport!

This run of luck was unfortunately balanced with the super long lines at the Phoenix jetty (reached by the help of yet another rickshaw). I filled out a form and waited in the "Ladies" queue where it took over an hour to process the ten people in line ahead of me.

Thankfully, I managed to get a ticket for the next ferry. Two calm hours were spent cruising through the Andaman Islands where I had great fun dolphin spotting.

At the dock, I climbed into a taxi van with some new friends and now I’m here, in my beach hut on Havelock Island. I managed to find myself a cheap thatch hut for a not-so-cheap price just before sun down.

I’m sleeping on a 1 inch thick mattress under a mosquito net on a raised wooden platform in a thatch hut roughly only twice the size of my double mattress.

I can hear the waves from here.

I think I’ve found paradise.

And just for the record, all of India follows the same time zone as Delhi. So sunset for me on this island is at 5pm and apparently sunrise is at 5am. Like I’m EVER going to see that.

…..hmmm……..I hope paradise doesn’t come with bed bugs…..

anupa_rk says:
Enjoyed reading about your experiences in India!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2010
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photo by: Marusya