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Christmas on the beach

Well, more like the peak of high season.  At least that’s what they keep telling us.  After a 14 hour bus ride from Bangkok to Krabi, a 3 hour wait for our late late LATE ferry and another 2 hours on the water, Sean and I arrived at our Christmas destination:  Koh Lanta.  Needless to say, there was quite a bit of build up in our minds of the wonderful island paradise that was supposed to be our reward for the 20 hour migration south. 


Not that this place isn’t lovely.  The water is a brilliant clear turquoise at bath tub temperatures and it’s definitely not over-crowded like Koh Phangan with its full moon party.  Well, that’s quite the understatement!   See, we were hoping for at least some people to be on this island with us.

The end of our Christmas day
  We know they’re here.  All the guesthouses we visited told us that they were nearly full with only one or no rooms available.  But for a place that’s at peak capacity, we thought that maybe there might be, oh I don’t know, PEOPLE around. 


We’re staying at a stretch of beach called Phra Ae or Long Beach and according to the wisdom of Lonely Planet, it’s a good spot for us budget travelers.  We were hoping to find fellow travelers on the beach but not so much.  There are mostly families at this end of the beach.  They’re all decked out in nice dinner clothes sporting Santa Claus hats and posing with the tourist elephant standing on some resort’s lawn by the beach.  They all take turns standing next to its giant trunk, smile and say cheese.  Am I getting too jaded for all this?


On to our Christmas day:  We slept in, rolled out of bed, and found us a soft sand beach to flop down on.  After some serious tanning and swimming in the previously described gorgeous waters, we felt the need for some Christmas Thai massages on the beach.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US! 


Unfortunately, no really good night spots on this island although some potentially great places….if only there were, I don’t know, MORE PEOPLE.   Even though it seems like everyone on the island gravitates to one or two bars each night, there’s just not enough people to start any kind of a night scene.  Maybe it’s just me, but I wasn’t feeling it.  I hate to imagine what this place is like during low season!  You know, I’m all for some chill time, but this place is a bit too low on the energy scale for my taste at the moment.  


Still, it kicks the ass out of digging my way out of the snow in Toronto!


(Insert image of me pointing and laughing at the general direction of Canada)

glennisnz says:
Strange that there were so few people around.
Posted on: Mar 01, 2008
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Christmas on the beach
Christmas on the beach
The end of our Christmas day
The end of our Christmas day
Koh Lanta
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