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One last time around with Delhi.  I decided that I ought to see something of this city.  So I wandered over to Connaught Place to do some middle class window shopping, have lunch at a massively air-conditioned cafe and take a short ride on the metro to visit the Red Fort.

It's got to be said that I was impressed with the metro system here in Delhi.  It helps that I'm comparing it to the subway system in Toronto, also known as the most laughable excuse for public transportation.  Expensive, under funded, out-dated, and limited, the TTC in Toronto is really just embarassing.  Quite frankly the metro in Delhi kicks the Toronto TTC's ass.

Thankfully air-conditioned, the metro is a modern, efficient, and easy to use public transport system.  It certainly beat taking a pricey rickshaw over to the Red Fort where I would have been drained from the onslaught of the noisey traffic, terrible heat, and disgusting pollution that riddles every alley and street in the busy capital.  Taking the metro was actually quite pleasant.

To add to the surprise of having such a nice experience in the city home to my purse-snatching-groper-turned-stalker, I was forced to cram my way on the metro during a particularily busy afternoon.  I watched one train pass after refusing to be pressed up against in a compartment of Indian men whom I clearly didn't trust to keep their hands to themselves, but as I watched I noticed many women entering and exiting the train without incident.  So I held my breath, got my game face on, and squeezed into the pack.

No one touched me.  Not even a brush or accidental slip of the hand.  And there were plenty of opportunities given the cramped conditions of rush hour.  People were even considerate with moving aside to give me more room.  This was totally unexpected.  As any traveller in India knows, you just don't get personal space in a country as over-populated as India.  Pushing and shoving are common place here.  But not on the Delhi metro.  So wonderfully impressive.

TravellinDan says:
Great Blog!!

Thanks for giving me an idea of what's in store for me in Asia!
Posted on: May 24, 2009
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New Delhi
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