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What's up with Homeland Security confiscating my right shoe?

Layovers in American are a pain in the ass.  I had a two hour layover in Chicago O'Hare airport and despite the fact that under normal circumstances I had plenty of time to make my connecting flight, I barely caught my flight to Toronto.  It took me one hour and forty-five minutes to make it through customs and arrive at the gate.  That's because O'Hare is a zoo and American security is redundant.

Thank God my flight into Chicago arrived thirty minutes early.

First off, I needed to pick up my rucksack in order to take it through customs in person.  In the past, luggage would be sent right through to your final destination, but with heightened security, the new rule is that you need to re-check your luggage once entering the United States. 

It took me nearly an hour to get my bag.  Apparantly, my rucksack, along with about two dozen other pieces of luggage, was placed on the wrong carousal.  I was worried that my bag got lost but then along came a customer service agent who told all us travellers that several bags were put on the wrong carousal.  All along I was standing at the correct carousal while my bag was doing laps at the other end of the baggage claim hall.

The rest of my layover was spent frantically covering ground as I dashed through the airport to get to the proper terminal and make it through security checks.    I made it to my gate about fifteen mintues before take off.

However, upon landing in Toronto, I found myself standing amoung confused travellers yet again.  More missing luggage, and again, it wasn't actually lost.  Apparantly, Homeland Security decided to remove a dozen or so bags from the flight in order to search them.  So of course my bag didn't make it back on the plane before take off.

I got my luggage back today.  I'm missing my right shoe therefore successfully rendering my left shoe useless. 

I guess Homeland Security thought it was a  threat to national security.
bernard69 says:
Sorry for your right shoe,but I'm glad u got yr luggage back!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2009
lulusartshack says:
What an awesome blog! It sounds like you had a great adventure! :)
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
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