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the view from my balcony overlooking the resturant at Daret's Guesthouse

Made it to Chiang Mai after an overnight bus ride.  This place is literally a breath of fresh air compared to Bangkok!  I'm staying at Daret's Guesthouse just outside the wall of the old city with a bunch of fellow Canucks I met on the long bus ride up here.

Yesterday we rented some bikes and drove around the area north of the city.  Did a few touristy things like visiting a snake farm where some king cobra felt the need to attack the fence where I stood.  It was a gorgeous 10 year old 9 foot long snake that was obviously unhappy some Thai worked just roused it from its sleep.  We also visited a "monkey school"  where we got to play with a baby monkey.

Amanda checking out the merchandise at the Sunday night market
  All a bit sketch as the poor animals were stuck in these little cages.  The monkey school assured us that when they close the monkey are allowed to play free in the back field but who really knows.

Then the best part - my first Thai massage this trip!  I forgot how amazing they are!  Those women know exactly what they're doing.  And it's so cheap here in Chiang Mai!  A one hour massage is only 120 baht ($4US).  In fact everything here is ridiculously cheaper!  Way cheaper than Khao San in Bangkok and better than what I remember of down south.  I love it!  I'm eating some of the best food I've had in Thailand and it's only costing me about 3 bucks a meal!  And that's if I go to a restuarant.  Street food here is awesome and I haven't gotten sick from it yet.

Matt jammin' at the park with random pumpkin head guys
  I'm such a sucker for spring rolls and sticky rice & mangos. 

My friends and I ended our evening watching some awesome muay thai fights - some real matches and some obviously set-up!  Still great entertainment though. 

It's finally starting to sink in for me that I'm out here backpacking again.  It's taken me a bit of time to get back into the rhythm of things, maybe becuase I spent the beginning of my trip visiting family.  But now it seems like the past 8 or so months I spent back home saving up money flew by and I'm back in Thailand, the same country I ended my last trip in.  It's a strange thing being in a foreign country that brings back feelings of nostalgia. 

Right now no real plans.  I barely make plans from day to day and I'm really happy with the group of friends I'm hanging out with cuz they've got the same mentality as me.  But I think I'll be spending at least a couple more days in Chiang Mai to explore some more.

TOTALLY RANDOM:  Today Matt and I went to the park so he could play his guitar.  Then along came some random dudes in red costumes with giant pumpkin heads.  They pulled out a shaker and a tamborine and starting jamming with Matt while this other guy filmed it.  I think the footage is going to end up on YouTube somewhere...

droonsta says:
OMG the good old days of travelling alone.. just brings back so much memories arghhhhhhh
Sooooo blardy jealous.. you don't know how jealous!!!!
Posted on: Dec 18, 2007
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the view from my balcony overlooki…
the view from my balcony overlook…
Amanda checking out the merchandis…
Amanda checking out the merchandi…
Matt jammin at the park with rand…
Matt jammin' at the park with ran…
the Sunday night market
the Sunday night market
Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes